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Where Can I Get A Boat Loan

Boat Ownership Calculator 2021

You can get a boat loan from an online lender, bank or credit union. Banks and credit unions will be more likely to offer secured loans.

You can also get a boat loan through a marine lending specialist, who acts as a broker for the loan. These loans must be secured and typically require a down payment.

How To Use This Boat Loan Calculator

To use this boat loan calculator, type in the amount youâll need to borrow, the interest rate and the term. Next, click submit to see your estimated monthly payment and total interest paid over the life of the loan.

Use the boat payment calculator to determine if you can afford the loan youâre considering, or if you might need to find a less expensive option.

Wells Fargo Vs Lightstream

Like Wells Fargo, LightStream boasts a wide range of loan amounts and repayment terms, making it another good choice for covering large expenses like home improvements. It also includes a rate discount for setting up autopay. However, LightStream doesnt offer pre-qualification.

  • Customers save an average total of $2,225
  • 90-second secure application process
  • Low rates for good credit customers
  • Strong industry reputation
  • A leading provider in refinance loans
  • Average monthly savings of $150
  • Work with a personal loan concierge to compare options
  • Average monthly savings of $145
  • Online Application
  • No SSN required to see pre-qualified rates
  • Offers auto refinancing and lease buyouts

Up to 842.49%

  • Lending platform that partners with banks
  • Approval and loan terms based on many variables, including education and employment

Up to 72Varies

  • Great for customers with limited/no credit
  • Offers special military rates

All APR figures last updated on 4/6/2022 please check partner site for latest details. Rate may vary based on credit score, credit history and loan term.

Wells Fargo is the third-largest financial institution in the U.S., according to the Federal Reserve. The company offers car loans through dealerships nationwide but no longer offers Wells Fargo auto refinancing.

  • Home mortgage loans

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How To Use The Boat Affordability Calculator

  • Determine how much you want to spend each month on a boat payment.

    Understand that the cost of boat ownership includes more than just the monthly payments on your boat loan. Depending on the size and type of boat, you may pay substantial amounts for boat storage, marina fees, launch fees, boat maintenance, boat insurance and repair expenses.

    Enter your desired monthly payment in the Maximum Monthly Payment field.

  • Estimate an interest rate.

    You can find boat loans from boat dealers, banks, credit unions and other finance companies. Check with several providers to see what the going rate is for applicants in your situation.

    Enter your desired interest rate in the Estimated Interest Rate field.

  • Include the amount youll be putting in as a down payment.

    Your financing options may require that you make a down payment to secure the loan.

    Enter the down payment amount.

  • Select a loan term.

    Pick a loan term 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, and 15 years that works with your situation.

  • Example Of Two Calculations

    New 2022 Monaco 235 SB, Stock #MON50104998

    Scenario 1: Lets assume that someone wants to borrow $100,000 over 10 years at a fixed interest rate of 4.5%, will result in these values:

    Monthly payment = $1,036.38

    Total paid = $124,366.09

    Total interest paid = $24,366.09

    Scenario 2: Let’s take the example of an individual that is able to pay $1,000 per month for a loan , over the next 15 years at an hypotetic fixed interest rate of 5%. Which is the amount he can actually borrow?

    Loan amount he qualifies to borrow = $126,455.24

    Desired monthly payment = $1,000.00

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    How Long Can You Finance A Boat

    You can finance a boat loan for as long as 20 years. However, lenders may charge higher interest for boat loans with very long terms or require a sizable down payment.Borrowers should do some comparisons between lenders and confirm with the lender to see how long they can finance your boat loan and what kind of interest rate they offer.

    Secured Vs Unsecured Boat Loans

    A boat loan can be secured or unsecured. The interest rate is lower for secured boat loans, but collateral is required which would be the boat itself. If the borrower stops making payments, the bank or lender would take the boat.If the borrower doesn’t want to lose his boat, he may consider an unsecured boat loan, in which case the lender has no right to take his boat if the borrower defaults. However, to justify the extra risk, lenders charge a higher interest rate for unsecured boat loans.For borrowers with a high credit score, unsecured boat loans might be worth a shot. On other hand, if the borrower is strong financially and knows that he won’t be missing any payments, then go for the secured boat loans.

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    Boat Loan Calculator: Estimate Your Payments

    The cost of boat financing will be determined based on how much you borrow, the length of your loan, and your interest rates. Our boat loan calculator will help you understand how much it costs to finance a boat.

    Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to LendEDU. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

    Many lenders offer boat financing to help you pay the cost of a new boat over time. You need to understand the total costs of boat loan financing as well as your monthly loan payments. Our boat loan calculator will help you to figure out your borrowing expense.

    Simply input details about your desired boat loan amount, as well as your loan term and estimated interest rate, and our boat financing calculator will tell you all you need to know.

    Regulatory Action Against Wells Fargo

    Loan Calculator For Buying A Boat | Boat Payment Calculator

    Wells Fargo has experienced a series of hefty regulatory fines in the last few years.

    In February 2020, the lender agreed to pay a $3 billion fine after it was found guilty of creating millions of fake savings and checking accounts in the names of real customers. In September 2021, the lender was fined $250 million by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency after it failed to implement a mortgage loss mitigation program.

    Though these instances do not directly affect its personal loans business, borrowers should keep them in mind.

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    Starting Aprs For Secured Boat Loans

    With secured boat loans, available interest rates may be a little lower theyre backed by collateral, and lenders consider them less risky. You can see this when you look at some of the starting boat loan APRs available.

    As of July 2021, some secured boat loan lenders offer APRs starting between 3.99% and 5.24%. But keep in mind that the APR you qualify for is based on a number of factors, including your credit, loan term, loan amount, and the age and model of the boat you choose.

    This information should give you an idea of the rates some people receive on unsecured personal loans and secured boat loans. It can help you estimate an APR to enter into the boat loan calculator if you arent sure what rate youll qualify for but it isnt a guarantee of the rate youll be offered on a similar loan.

    How Does This Boat Loan Calculator Work

    This is a comprehensive and flexible financial tool that can determine either your monthly boat loan payment or the total amount you are eligible to take or qualify for by considering a desired level of monthly payment .

    • Within Find monthly payment tab you are asked to input a desired loan amount, interest rate and loan term.

    In this case the algorithm of the boat loan calculator applies the following equations:

    – Monthly payment = /^ )

    – Total paid = Monthly payment * Loan term * 12

    – Total interest paid = Total paid Desired loan amount.


    L = Desired loan amount

    -N = -12*Loan term

    The loan formulas and the results displayed here are:

    – Loan amount you qualify to borrow = D/^ ))

    – Total paid = Desired monthly payment * Loan term * 12

    – Total interest paid = Total paid Loan amount to borrow.


    -N = -12*Loan term

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    Cope Marine Boat Loans

    Boat ownership is accessible even if you assume it’s out of reach. With used personal watercrafts, or PWCs, it costs an average of $125 a month, assuming you have good credit and a reasonable down payment, whereas a new boat might cost around $250 a month. Read our comprehensive article on How to Get a Boat Loan to understand step-by-step what it takes to get your loan and acquire financing.

    Boat Loan Interest Rates

    Tax calculator and pen

    Your boat loan interest rate depends on your credit report and credit score as well as the amount borrowed and the loan term.

    Boat loans can be secured or unsecured. With a secured loan, the lender can repossess the boat if you dont make your payments as agreed. With an unsecured loan, the lender cannot repossess the boat. The lender relies entirely on your promise to repay the loan.

    • Secured boat loan interest rates range between 4.5% to over 20%.
    • Unsecured personal loan rates are comparable with those for secured loans if your credit is excellent.

    Applicants with bad credit do better with secured boat loans because these are less risky for lenders.

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    How To Calculate Boat Loan Payments

    You can change your desired loan amount, term or APR to see different results and decide how boat loan payments fit into your budget.

    Loan amount: This is the amount you expect to borrow. Amounts for unsecured loans can be as high as $100,000, while secured boat loans can be over $1 million.

    Repayment term: This is how long you think youll need to repay the loan. Unsecured loans often have repayment terms of two to seven years secured boat loan terms can be as long as 20 years. Longer repayment terms typically mean lower monthly payments, but you’ll pay more in total interest.

    Annual percentage rate: This is the interest rate you expect to get on the loan. Factors that determine your APR on a boat loan include whether its a secured or unsecured loan, your creditworthiness, income and existing debts.

    What Do I Need In Order To Apply For A Boat Loan

    Once you have used our boat loan calculator to estimate an affordable monthly payment, you’re ready to apply.

    If you apply for a boat loan through, you’ll need the following information:

    • Your name and personal information, including your Social Security number
    • Your current address, including how long you’ve lived there
    • Your current employment information and total annual income
    • Co-applicant and trade-in information, if applicable
    • Information on the boat you want to purchase, including year, make, and model
    • Other financing information, such as your intended down payment

    Once you have this information ready, visit our online application form to experience a streamlined process. Our representatives will contact clients within minutes of applying in most cases, so you won’t have to wait weeks to hear back. We’ll get started right away on choosing the best lenders for your boat loan.

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    Why Choose Intercoastal Financial Group

    Our team at Intercoastal Financial Group strives to help borrowers realize the boat ownership dream by offering marine finance expertise. We use our more than 30 years of marine lending experience to provide our customers with personalized boat loan solutions. Our customers love our quick, hassle-free loan process and attentive service.

    Apply for a boat loan through IFG today, or contact us with all your questions about our boat loan calculator and boat financing services. Call 1-888-690-5626.

    Estimate Your Monthly Boat Loan Payment

    How does marine financing work for a boat loan?

    Are you considering a boat loan? Get a reliable estimate on your monthly payment with our boat loan calculator tool.

    The results of this boat loan payment calculator are for comparison purposes only. They will be a close approximation of actual loan repayments if available at the terms entered, from a financial institution. This is being provided for you to plan your next loan application.

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    The Terms Of A Boat Loan Contract

    The boat loan is a type of financing agreement between two parties meant to finance the borrower to purchase a boat. Here are few terms everyone looking for such a loan type should analyze:

    • The amount financed varies on the borrowers credit profile and on the lenders policies.
    • The term to take the loan usually varies between un between 10 years and 20 years .
    • The yearly interest rate on this financial product varies from one lender to another and also depends on the loan term and the amount taken. Just to have an image it usually varies between 3.5 and 5%.

    Average Rates For Unsecured Personal Loans

    In the first quarter of 2021, banks charged an average interest rate of 9.98% on an unsecured personal loan with a 36-month term, according to the National Credit Union Administration. Credit unions charged a slightly lower average rate 8.86%.

    Certain factors, like a longer loan term and lower credit scores, can result in higher interest rates.

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    What Is The Average Boat Loan Term

    Boat loans are unsecured personal installment loans, so the terms for these loans tend to be similar to personal loans overall. The term length of your loan determines how much of the principal balance you will pay per month as well as how long it will take you to pay off the loan. Different lenders have varying options, but most offer at least two to three term options anywhere between 1 year to 7 years. The term lengths you qualify for also depend on how much youre borrowing. Smaller loans are less likely to be eligible for longer repayment periods.

    Boat Loan Calculator Definitions

    2020 GODFREY MC 215 C
    Monthly payment for your boat financing.
    Total purchase price
    This is the total cost of your boat purchase. Include the cost of the vehicle, additional options and destination charges. Don’t include sales tax in this amount. Sales tax will be calculated for you and included in your total after-tax price.
    Term in months
    Number of months for this loan.
    Interest rate
    Annual interest rate for this loan.
    Rebates and cash down
    Total amount of cash and/or factory rebates used in this purchase. The larger your cash down payment the smaller the loan you will need to finance this purchase.
    Trade allowance
    The total amount that you are given for any vehicle that you trade-in as part of this purchase. In some states a trade-in can also reduce the amount of sales tax you will owe. See the definition for ‘Sales tax deduction for trade-in’ for more information on trade-in vehicles and sales tax.
    Amount owed on trade
    Total loan balance still outstanding on the trade-in.
    Non-taxable fees
    Any additional fee that is not subject to sales tax. This usually includes document fees or any other fees that may be due at delivery and are not taxable.
    Taxable fees
    Any additional fee that is subject to sales tax. This usually includes title transfer fees or any other fees that may be due at delivery and are taxable.
    Sales tax rate

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    What To Consider For Boat Payments And Affordability

    When you’re in the market for new or used boats, it can get rather daunting when you have no idea where to start. One of the keys to a successful boat purchase is knowing what you can afford. This boat payment calculator takes all the hard work out of making a sound financial decision. Simply enter in your desired monthly payment or vehicle price and it will return your results.

    What Is The Average Boat Loan Interest Rate

    The best personal loan interest rates range from 3 percent to 36 percent, with the average personal loan rate currently at 10.6 percent.

    The average personal loan rate has steadily increased throughout 2022 due to rising federal rates. It is likely that these rates will continue to rise throughout the year. However, the actual rate you qualify for depends on the lender, your credit score and financial history, as well as the size of the loan.

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    Parental And Critical Caregiving Leaves

    These paid leaves provide you with time away from work to help you care for the ones you love. Wells Fargo provides up to 16 weeks of paid parental leave for a primary caregiver and up to four weeks for a parent who is not the primary caregiver to care for a new child following birth or adoption . In addition, one regularly scheduled workweek per year of paid critical caregiving leave is available to care for a spouse, partner, parent, or child with a certified serious health condition. Additionally, team members are eligible for up to five days per calendar year of in-home, back-up adult care for yourself, your elderly parents or parents-in-law, an ill spouse or partner, or a child who is age 18 or older.

    How To Calculate A Boat Loan Installment

    Avoid Boat Buyer’s Remorse (8 Regrets of First-Time Boat Buyers)

    One needs to follow the steps below to calculate the boat loan installment amounts.

    Step #1 Firstly, determine the boat that one wants to purchase and the price of the same along with the percentage of the loan that the bank will finance, and the same would be the loan amount.

    Step #2 One must multiply the loan amount by the applicable interest rate.

    Step #3 Compound the periodical interest rate by the interest payout frequency.

    Step #4 Discount the value arrived in step 3 by following .

    Step #5 After entering the above formula, one will get the installment amount that shall be repaid for the Boat Loan borrowed.

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