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About The Harris County Assessor’s Office

Straight Talk from the Candidates: Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector

The Harris County Assessor’s Office, located in Houston, Texas, determines the value of all taxable property in Harris County, TX. Taxable property includes land and commercial properties, often referred to as real property or real estate, and fixed assets owned by businesses, often referred to as personal property. Property assessments performed by the Assessor are used to determine the Harris County property taxes owed by individual taxpayers.

Property owners may contact the Assessment Office for questions about:

  • Harris County, TX property tax assessments
  • Property tax appeals and reassessments
  • Paying property tax bills and due dates
  • Property tax rates and tax roll
  • Harris County GIS maps, property maps, and plat maps
  • Property records and deeds in Harris County

Harris County Tax Office

County tax assessor-collector offices provide most vehicle title and registration services, including:

  • Registration Renewals
  • Vehicle Title Transfers
  • Change of Address on Motor Vehicle Records
  • Non-fee License Plates such as Purple Heart and Disabled Veterans License Plates
  • Disabled Parking Placards
  • Copies of Registration Receipts
  • Temporary Registration

Many counties allow you to renew your vehicle registration and change your address online. Some counties allow renewals at substations or subcontractors, such as participating grocery stores. Acceptable forms of payment vary by county.

Other locations may be available. Please contact your county tax office, or visit their Web site, to find the office closest to you.

This County Tax Office works in partnership with our Vehicle Titles and Registration Division.

Please CHECK COUNTY OFFICE availability prior to planning travel.

Residential Property Tax Loans In Harris County

American Finance & Investment Co., Inc. is one of Texass leading home property tax lenders. We offer an affordable, hassle-free way to ensure that all your property taxes are up to date. When you contact us for a property tax loan, we will pay your outstanding fees in full and work out a manageable repayment plan for you. You will be worry-free from expensive fees and obtain the time and space you need to regain your financial footing.

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Harris County Collection Information

The Harris County Tax website provides you with information about the countys Tax Assessor-Collector, as well as information about tax rates and other tax-related resources. Their office is located at 1001 Preston St., Houston, TX 77002. Telephone: 274-8000. You can also contact the office by email at .

It is important to note that in Harris County, unlike many other counties in the state of Texas there are multiple independent tax collection authorities relating to school districts, tax increment financing zones, municipal utility districts, and drainage districts. Generally, those offices can be found via a hyperlink in a propertys appraisal district information.

Guide to understanding Harris Property Tax process.

Harris County Tax Assessor

Harris County Tax Accessor Collector
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Harris County Tax Assessor And Collector

These are the detail for the selected resource:

Organization: HARRIS COUNTY Tax Assessor and Collector
Description: One of the primary responsibilities of the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector & Voter Registrar, is to levy, collect and disburse property taxes. Property taxes also are known as ad valorem taxes because the taxes are levied on the value of the property. The Harris County Tax Assessor-Collectors Office Property Tax Division maintains approximately 1.5 million tax accounts and collects property taxes for 70 taxing entities including Harris County.
Phone Number:

Resources For Harris County

If you need more information about property taxes and other tax and residency information for Harris County, have a look at some of the following resources:

This Harris County government site connects residents, homeowners, and visitors to important information and resources they may need, including pertinent tax information.

The Harris County Appraisal District website gives residents access to resources they may need for property valuation, disaster appraisals, and other solutions within their specific area. Their office is located at 13013 Northwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77040. Telephone: 957-7800.

The Harris County Clerks office helps residents find information on costs and fees, government agencies, records and documents, and forms that may be necessary to learn more about property taxes. Their office is located in the Harris County Civil Courthouse at 201 Caroline St., Suite 310, Houston, TX 77002. Telephone: 274-8600. You can also contact the office by email at .

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How Property Tax Is Determined

The Harris County Appraisal District establishes taxable values. Anything that might change the value, such as an exemption, property description or protest, is handled by the appraisal district.

When the certified appraisal roll is received from the Harris County Appraisal District, the property values are loaded into the Tax Office’s internally developed computer system. The governing body of each taxing unit, the Commissioners Court for the County, sets the tax rate. The certified appraisal roll and the tax rates are used to levy the current property taxes in October/November of each year. Tax statements are then printed and mailed to property owners and mortgage companies. Most tax payments are mailed to a lockbox at the County depository. There the payment documents are scanned, and the checks are deposited and recorded. Thereafter, the Tax Office disburses the taxes collected to the various taxing entities for which it serves as collector.

Commercial Property Tax Loans In Harris County

Straight Talk from the Candidates: Harris Co. Tax Assessor

Commercial property owners in Texas pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. With penalties and interest that may be as high as 43% in the first year alone. Money spent on fines could be better used by investing in growing your business. We know how important it is to clutch onto your capital, and we also know that you want to avoid the cost of penalties, interest fees, and stress that comes with delinquent taxes. Fortunately for your business, we can offer solutions to this problem.

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Ad Valorem Tax Refunds

A taxpayer may make a written request for refund of taxes which are determined to have been erroneously or illegally assessed and collected. Refund claims must be initiated within three years from date of payment. However, in the case of an appealed assessment, any refund must be automatically processed by the tax authorities immediately upon determination of the final taxable value.

Ad Valorem Tax Payments

County and county school ad valorem taxes are collected by the county tax commissioner. Even though the official due date for ad valorem tax payment is December 20th, the local governing authority may adopt a resolution changing the official due date for tax payment to December 1st or November 15th, or may implement installment billing with multiple due dates. You should check with your county tax commissioner’s office for verification.

Each taxpayer shall be afforded 60 days from date of postmark of the tax bill to make full payment of taxes due before the interest accrues. In addition to interest, delinquent taxes may accrue penalties on unpaid balances.

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Harris County Deferral Information

To ensure certain protected classes can stay in their homes, the State of Texas has a law allowing for property tax deferrals. Pursuant to section 33.06 of the Texas Property Tax Code, people over 65, disabled individuals, and certain veterans or spouses of deceased veterans are entitled to deferred collection of property taxes until the homeowner passes away or relocates from the property. If you meet these guidelines, apply for a deferral to the Harris County Appraisal District using the appropriate form on this page. Dont get a property tax loan.

Property Tax Loans In Harris County

Harris County Tax Office ~ 56 Turn Your Design Into A High Performing

Are you looking for a way to keep your property as well as your peace of mind? If you own any type of property in Harris County, you are subject to property taxes. In the state of Texas, these taxes cause property owners a lot of stress as they are subject to penalties and interest fees if they fall delinquent on the taxes.

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Notice Of Residential And Agricultural Revaluation

The appraisal staff of the Houston County Board of Tax Assessors Office have been working on the revaluation of residential and agricultural property in Houston County.

The staff has diligently worked to appraise properties close to the fair market value and based the values on current sales. The market has been constantly increasing since last year when notices were sent to property owners in April 2021.

The appraisal staff are charged with establishing the fair market value of the taxable real and personal properties in Houston County. Fair market value means the amount a knowledgeable buyer would pay for the property and a willing seller would accept for the property at an arms length, bona fide sale.

The Board of Tax Assessors do not create property values. They rely on the appraisal staff, certified by the Georgia Department of Revenue, to research current fair market sales along with field inspections of the properties.

The values for 2022 will be changing from the 2021 values based on the market and other conditions of the property. The notices will be sent out in late April or early May of 2022.

Personal Property

Real Property

All information and forms are available on our Website www.qpublic.net/ga/houston/

If you have any questions, please call the front desk 218-4750

Personal property questions can be addressed at 218-4760

We appreciate your time and patience while working through these unprecedented times.

  • Appraisal procedures

About The Harris County Assessor Office

Assessor Offices in Harris County, TX are responsible for assessing the values of all taxable property within their jurisdictions. Assessors appraise values of all land and commercial property , and business’ fixed asset . The office determines property tax values, tax rates, maintains and updates the local tax assessment rolls.

Property owners may contact the Department of Assessment for questions about:

  • Harris County property tax appeals and challenges
  • Property tax assessments and reassessments
  • Harris County GIS maps, plat maps, and property boundaries
  • Delinquent property taxes

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