How Much Do Tax Attorneys Make


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Tax Lawyer Job Description

How To Pay Yourself As An LLC

Tax lawyers have the dual responsibility of knowing the law and staying abreast of complicated tax regulations to advise individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and major corporations. Tax lawyers in private practice help clients who are are starting a business, selling a business, filing bankruptcy or appealing an IRS audit, for example.

Corporate tax attorneys provide in-house legal counsel. They may be members of a legal team that monitors regulatory compliance and transparent reporting of taxable income. They offer opinions on matters such as investments, international accounts, capital gains, credits and deductions. A tax lawyer can also litigate spurious claims if made against the company.

How Much Do Lawyers Make A Year

Being a lawyer comes with a few perks, and one of those is the monetary compensation for your work.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average lawyer salary is just over $126,000 per year. That translates into a median pay of exactly $61.03 per hour. Thats not bad for an industry that has more than 800,000 jobs and is projected to grow by 9% by the end of the decade.

Of course, those who are just starting their careers in law tend to make a little less money. The lowest recorded annual salary of a lawyer in the United States is around $61,500. Although thats significantly lower than the national average, very few jobs in this profession pay that little. Meanwhile, some lawyers make more than $200k a year. The top lawyer salary hovers around $208,000.

Its worth noting that these instances are rare and apply only to a small percentage of all employees, usually those with a law degree from one of the top schools accredited by the American Bar Association . In most cases, the salaries are closer to the national average.

Fill Out A Job Application

Companies and law firms typically conduct interviews with law students in their last year of study. Some companies will only recruit students or new graduates who have passed the bar exam. Tax attorneys frequently specialize in one or more areas, such as business taxation, corporate taxation, inheritance and gift taxation, finance, international taxation, federal taxation, or successions.

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Highest Paid Types Of Lawyers

When it comes to paychecks, there are some obvious discrepancies between different types of lawyers. There are many different fields in law, which is also reflected in how much lawyers earn. In other words, some career paths lead to better-paying jobs than others. Some lawyers don’t have set monthly incomes, either, and make most of their money through contingency fees.

The latest data shows that you dont necessarily have to be a trial attorney to be the highest-paid lawyer. Some of the highest-paid specialties include medical lawyers and intellectual property lawyers – patent attorney jobs that are in high demand at a time when many tech companies need help protecting their inventions. Here are the highest-paying law jobs according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with the annual mean wage for each:

  • Specialized design services – $233,400
  • Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing – $221,000
  • Motion picture industry – $218,360
  • Cable and other subscription programming – $216,860
  • Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing – $208,460

Its worth noting that these industries dont employ a lot of lawyers right now, accounting for less than 1% of employment in the legal profession. So how much do lawyers make in more crowded industries? Although the differences in paycheck arent that drastic, the medians dont reach the $200,000 mark.

Working Conditions And Environment

You wouldn

Tax attorneys work in a formal, professional office environment. Expect to wear professional clothing, especially if you deal directly with clients. Tax lawyers will often work long hours, 40-60 hours per week particularly if theyre working on a major case. Because of the workload, and the intense pressure to get every detail correct, this is a high-stress position.

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What Is The Difference Between A Tax Attorney And Cpa

Even though both professionals can help you prepare tax documents and advise about tax liabilities, tax attorneys are legal professionals trained in tax law while CPAs are accountants with a high level of training and credentials relevant to the financial aspects of tax reporting.

Take The Law School Admissions Test

The significant step in your preparation for a future as a tax lawyer is to take the law school admissions test. The test will assess your critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and reading abilities. There are various parts of multiple-choice questions on the exam. This test should be taken seriously.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Tax Lawyer

State certification typically requires an exam and five years of work experience in tax law. A master of law in taxation usually takes two years to complete and can shave a year or more off the work experience requirement for certification. Some firms require their tax attorneys to hold LLMs.

Glassdoor Economist Pay Overview

14 Biggest Tax Write Offs for Small Businesses! [What the Top 1% Write-Off]

The legal field is expected to see continued demand to meet increased regulatory and tax compliance needs in the future. Employees will increasingly work with artificial intelligence and automated services, with workers shifting towards advisory roles rather than document review. Companies are expected to shift more work to in-house legal staff and away from law firm partnerships due to the high cost of outside counsel. Most work in the field requires higher education and offers above-median pay.

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What Do Tax Attorneys Do

A tax attorney is a lawyer whose specializes in guiding clients through the intricacies of tax law to help them to make the best possible financial and legal decisions. Corporations may have a tax attorney as part of their legal team to advise them and prevent them from making any expensive revenue-reporting mistakes. Many larger law firms also keep general tax attorneys on staff to assist individual clients either with proactive advice on financial matters or with revenue service inquiries orRead more

What Industries Do Tax Attorneys Work In

The BLS reports the top industries for tax attorneys as subscription programming, the oil and coal industries, motor vehicle manufacturing, and computer equipment manufacturing. These complex industries must cooperate with government rules, regulations, and tax laws, which require a tax attorneys expertise.

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What Does A Tax Lawyer Do

What Is a Tax Attorney? Tax attorneys help their clients navigate and comply with the complex system of tax codes and legally take advantage of the myriad deductions, credits, and exemptions. They also represent clients in tax disputes. Tax lawyers in private practice assist both individuals and businesses.

Hiring A Tax Attorney Vs Negotiating With The Irs Yourself

How Much Do Tax Attorneys Make?

There are pros and cons to each situation. While you can represent yourself, it may serve you best to hire a professional with experience in tax law. Tax attorneys are experts in the field for a reason and present the highest likelihood youll receive favorable results.

However, tax representation is not always cheap. Tax attorneys generally charge a fee , as well as set charges for the type of tax representation. For example, getting representation for penalty abatement is traditionally much cheaper than getting assistance for an Offer in Compromise .

To get an accurate estimate, you will want to meet with a tax attorney to get their pay structure and fees. Every tax attorney is a little different, but any respectable tax pro will meet with you for the first time free of charge and with no obligations. This is so you can receive some consultation on what they can do for you and see if the attorney is the right fit.

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Tons Of Opportunity For Growth

As an attorney focusing on tax, you can be sure that your mind will be firing on all cylinders. The tax code is challenging, and there are always new regulations to stay on top of. This means that there are tons of opportunities for growth.

You can also boost your tax education with continuing education, earning an LLM degree in taxation. Since this is such a high-demand legal specialty, that credential can supercharge your job prospects as an attorney.

Sometimes moving to a new area can also give you access to more growth opportunities. What if you were to leave your home state to join a more prestigious law firm in New York or California, for example? In addition to increasing your chances of landing a higher paying job, this move would put you in a state where lawyers make more annually to practice.

Finally, you can make a name for yourself in the field, sharing your expertise on taxes and building your reputation as a tax attorney, by writing articles and making presentations at conferences or other professional speaking events.

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The above article is intended to provide generalized financial information designed to educate a broad segment of the public it does not give personalized tax, investment, legal, or other business and professional advice. Before taking any action, you should always seek the assistance of a professional who knows your particular situation for advice on taxes, your investments, the law, or any other business and professional matters that affect you and/or your business.

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Tax Attorney How To Hire Salary Data And Job Descriptions

Tax attorneys help businesses, organizations, and individuals with legal issues regarding their taxes. That includes helping organizations limit their exposure to tax liabilities. Tax attorneys also handle issues for clients who may be in tax disputes with the IRS or other government entities who levy taxes. Legal industry observers and thought leaders say the job of a tax attorney can come with less stress than other legal specialties. Since taxes arent going away anytime soon, its also considered a very stable area of practice.

A tax attorney should have knowledge of laws and regulations relating to taxes, as well as a background in accounting and business law. Skills common to most attorney positions, such as written and verbal communication, research and negotiation, are also important for a tax attorney.

What Are The Skills Required To Become A Tax Lawyer

Small Business Tax Filings – Everything You Need to Know to Avoid IRS Penalties!

Since its now clear that the tax lawyers salary will continue to rise, and pursuing a career as a tax attorney is not a bad idea, lets go over the many skills youll need to become a tax lawyer.

Tax attorneys must be well-versed in federal and state tax laws to appropriately counsel clients on how to take advantage of tax credits, communicate with the Internal Revenue Service , and practice in tax court.

They must also be familiar with business and financial strategies. The following skills are required to succeed as a tax lawyer:

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How Much Do Tax Lawyers Make


Tax lawyers look out for their clients’ best interests. They understand that CEOs risk jail time, fines, penalties and a skewered reputation if the Internal Revenue Service or other regulatory agencies uncover dubious financial practices. Appeasing the IRS gets easier with the help of a tax lawyer. Paying a tax lawyers salary can offer a high return on investment through proper oversight of internal accounting.

Estimates of tax litigator salary and income-tax attorney fees vary considerably. For example, the average tax lawyer salary is $102,217 per year, or $60.27 per hour, based on 189 tax lawyer salary surveys compiled by PayScale in 2020. However, some experienced tax lawyers charge $200 to $500 an hour, according to U.S. News & World Report in 2018.

The Top States For Job Growth

If you want to be a tax attorney, then it is important for you to know the top states for job growth. Long-term projections indicate positive growth for tax attorney jobs in numerous states. The top states for job growth include Utah , Nevada , Colorado , and Texas . Tax attorneys have seen and are expected to continue to see job growth in those states.

Just keep in mind that while these states are seeing the most growth on average for legal careers, this doesnt mean that the salaries you would be offered are on par with the national pay scale. Do your research to make sure that any job you are considering has an annual pay structure that aligns with what you want or need.

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What Is Being A Tax Attorney Like

Tax attorneys spend their time trying to ease the financial burdens associated with both. For individuals, tax attorneys use trusts, gifts, and various tax planning structures to reduce the burdens of income taxes and estate taxes, and they assist in devising investment strategies.

Who Is A Tax Lawyer

LAWYERS BEWARE: The accountants are coming after your business ...

Tax lawyers are experts who use their extensive knowledge of federal and state tax laws to assist individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in understanding how to comply with the tax law.

Tax attorneys may be involved in tax-related operations such as forming or reorganizing business companies and assisting with mergers and acquisitions and this is why tax lawyer salary will usually be high.

They demonstrate to taxpayers how the law may affect them and assist in developing solutions to reduce taxes.

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Do Tax Lawyers Make Money

The average salary of a tax attorney is $120,910 per year, according to the BLS. Salaries in the law field range from $58,220 to $208,000. According to PayScale, a tax attorneys salary starts around $80,000 per year. As attorneys gain experience and establish their skills, earning potential may exceed six figures.

How Much Should An Entry Level Tax Attorney Get Paid


Trying to figure out which tax deductions to claim or which tax forms to use can be a challenge. Tax lawyers figure out that stuff and a lot more for clients, whether businesses or individuals. A competent tax attorney saves clients money and keeps them out of trouble with the IRS. The average tax attorney salary at the start of their careers is $97,559.

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Salary Of A Tax Attorney By Location

The average salary of a tax attorney also varies by location. Employers based in areas with higher living costs tend to offer higher salaries. Competition within local job markets can also play a role. Supply and demand dynamics usually translate to higher salaries in areas with a strong need for or a limited supply of qualified tax lawyers.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not specifically track tax attorney salary data. Instead, the BLS groups tax attorneys in its broader category for lawyers. Thus, data in the following tables cover all lawyers.

Top-Paying States for Attorneys, 2021


Source: BLS

How To Become A Tax Attorney

My Hourly Wage as a Corporate Lawyer – The SURPRISING Truth

To become a tax attorney you need to have a bachelors degree in a relevant field, such as accounting or law. A masters degree will also be helpful in landing a job in this field. You will also need to become licensed by your state. Most states require a license for attorneys, and you can become licensed as a paralegal in most states after earning a bachelors degree. Lastly, you will need to get experience in this field by doing internships or getting a job in a law firm or accounting firm.

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What Do Tax Lawyers Do

As previously said, tax lawyers assist clients in navigating tax regulations to make the best business decisions possible. Before we delve into tax lawyer salary lets look at some basic things you need to know about the profession. The following is a list of some of the responsibilities and services that tax attorneys perform regularly:

Tax lawyers assist clients with tax-related issues such as the formation or restructuring of business entities and mergers and acquisitions.

A tax lawyer assists businesses in completing corporate tax filings and reviews finished forms.

Tax attorneys also offer advice and legal assistance to clients who are being audited or facing penalties or legal action due to tax payments.

Atax lawyer helps clients navigate the complexities of tax law so that they can make the best financial and legal decisions possible.

Tax attorneys assist businesses in filing for bankruptcy or contesting an IRS audit.

Finally, tax attorneys are frequently called upon to examine various companies or investment plans and offer a prediction of tax loads or taxable income. That is why tax lawyer salary will continue to see an uptrend.

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