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Withhold State Payroll Taxes:

Calculating Federal Income Tax Withholding

As you are done with Federal Payroll Taxes, now it’s time to discuss State Payroll Taxes. The North Carolina State charges State Income Tax on the employees. Moreover, employers are required to pay State Unemployment Insurance Tax.

State Income Tax:

North Carolina levies state income tax at the flat rate of 5.25%, regardless of income level and filing status.

The employer withholds this tax from the employee’s paycheck according to the details provided by the employee in the Form NC-4. This form is filled by the employee while joining the job. Employees are required to keep the form updated with any significant life events like marriage, child’s birth, and divorce.

State Unemployment Insurance Tax:

The State Unemployment Insurance Tax is an employer-funded program that provides temporary income to unemployed workers who have lost their job without fault of their own.

The state doesn’t charge in North Carolina State Disability Insurance Tax. However, it does require the employers to pay North Carolina State Unemployment Insurance tax, at the rate ranging from 0.06% to 5.76% on a first $25,200 earned in wages by each employee in a year. However, new employers are given relief as they only have to pay a flat rate of 1%.


Take Your 2019 Standard Deduction

North Carolinas flat tax rate for 2018 is 5.49 percent, and standard deductions were $8,750 if you filed as single, and $17,500 if you were married and filing jointly. However, 2019 brought an increase of standard deductions to $10,000 for single taxpayers, and $20,000 for married couples filing jointly.

Franchise & Income Tax

A franchise tax is imposed on corporations for the privilege of doing business in North Carolina. This tax is due annually as long as the corporation remains incorporated, domesticated or continues to do business in the state. For questions concerning franchise and income tax obligations, visit the North Carolina Department of Revenues Corporate Taxes page or call 252-3052.

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North Carolina Payroll Laws Taxes & Regulations

North Carolina follows the general federal payroll laws currently in place, making it a simple state for payroll taxes and regulations.

There are a few regulations, however, to consider:

  • Employers are required to notify new hires orally or in writing about their wages and regular pay schedule.
  • Employers are required by law to provide written notice at least 24 hours before any reduction in wages.
  • Employers must abide by the minimum wage law and pay time and a half to nonexempt employees who work over 40 hours in a workweek.

North Carolina Income Tax Brackets And Other Information

Pay Stub, Used for big companies or large organizations. Includes ...

The state income tax rate in North Carolina is a flat rate of 4.99%. A state standard deduction exists and is available for those that qualify for a federal standard deduction. The amount varies based on your filing status.

For sales tax, please visit our North Carolina Sales Tax Rates and Calculator page.

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Final Paycheck Laws In North Carolina

North Carolina law states that an employee must receive their final paycheck on or before the next available payday following their termination, whether they quit or were terminated by the company. The final paycheck must include payment for all hours worked, commissions due, and any accrued but unused paid time off. Additionally, final paychecks cant be held until the return of company equipment.

If youre not using a payroll service and need to pay an employee quickly, use our guide to for help.

United States Federal Paycheck Calculation

All residents and citizens in the USA are subjected to income taxes. Residents and citizens are taxed on worldwide income , while nonresidents are taxed only on income within the jurisdiction.

A tax year is different for the federal and state. A federal tax year is the 12-months period beginning October 01 and ending September 30 the following year. The tax year 2022 will starts on Oct 01 2021 and ends on Sep 30 2022. The state tax year is also 12 months but it differs from state to state. Some states follow the federal tax year, some states start on July 01 and end on Jun 30.

Similar to the tax year, federal income tax rates are different from state income tax rates. Federal taxes are progressive , while states have either a progressive tax system or a flat tax rate on all income.

The income tax rate varies from state to state. There are 8 states which dont have income tax and 1 state that has no wage income tax.

It is also worth noting that the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 made several significant changes to the individual income tax across the board. If you want to understand the changes in detail, refer to this Investopedia article.

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Income Tax In Nc Is 525%

While we are all clear that taxes are necessary for maintaining society and the nation itself, it is still uncomfortable not to understand how many tax deductions make it out of the paycheck.

The gross salary amount compared to the amount received after deducting various taxes seems unpleasant, even if you are in North Carolina.

Minimum Wage Laws In North Carolina

How To Calculate Federal Income Taxes – Social Security & Medicare Included

Employers must pay all nonexempt hourly employees a minimum wage of $7.25 . For salaried exempt employees, employers must pay a guaranteed salary of $684 per workweek .

However, for employers that have tipped hourly employees, such as restaurants, the minimum wage is set at $2.13 so long as the tips the employee receives bring their hourly wage up to the minimum of $7.25. This is known as a tip credit. However, if the workers tips do not bring their hourly rate up to minimum wage, the business must offset the cost so that the employee is making at least $7.25 per hour.

North Carolina Law also allows tip pooling the combining of all tips received and then the distribution of the collected monies equally between employees.

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The State Of North Carolina

North Carolina is the northern part of the original land grant made by King Charles I from England in 1629. The other half would be South Carolina. Both of which were named in honor of him as “Carolus” is Latin for Charles.

One of the most well known historical aspects of North Carolina is the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island, which was the first European settlement in North Carolina and mysteriously vanished sometime after 1587. North Carolina was the 12th state out of the original 13 states and joined the Union in 1789.

Many Americans travel to the state to enjoy its beautiful beaches, with tourism being one of the state’s major industries. On the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina has a long coastline with many islands and sand bars. From the coast, the state stretches across swampland and fertile farmlands. Sightseers and students of American history enjoy visiting popular destinations include historic sites, battlefields, old mansions and beautiful gardens.

North Carolina State W

North Carolina requires employers to obtain a federal W-4 form from all employees to determine the number of withholdings from their paychecks. Additionally, you should collect an NC-4 form from employees. The NC-4 makes sure you are withholding the correct amount of state income tax. Should an employee not provide you with an NC-4 form, you are required to set their withholding to single, zero exemptions.

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Us Federal Income Tax Brackets And Other Information

The personal income tax system in the United States is a progressive tax system. This means that your income is split into multiple brackets where lower brackets are taxed at lower rates and higher brackets are taxed at higher rates. Federal tax rates range from 10% to 37% with each bracket being shifted slightly depending an individual’s filing status.

Choosing Income Tax Withholding Preferences


To change your withholding, complete the following steps:

  • Login to ORBIT. If you have not used ORBIT before, you will need to register by clicking on the Register button on the same page. To complete the registration, you need to supply your Social Security number, birth date, and the net pay from your most recent benefit payment.
  • Once logged in, click on the tab Maintain Tax Withholding Election tile on the Retiree Welcome screen .
  • Enter the changes you would like to make and click Save.
  • If you are in the process of applying for benefits, and using the Retirement application, you will be making your tax withholding elections as a part of the process.
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    Federal Insurance Contributions Act

    Also known as paycheck tax or payroll tax, these taxes are taken from your paycheck directly and are used to fund social security and medicare.

    For example, in the tax year 2020 Social Security tax is 6.2% for employee and 1.45% for Medicare tax.If your monthly paycheck is $6000, $372 goes to Social Security and $87 goes to Medicare, leaving you with $6000 $372 $87 = $5541

    Social Security

    North Carolina Only Pays State Income Taxes

    The only difference between living in another state and living in North Carolina is the change in state income tax. While those who live in another state must pay the tax of that particular State, Staterth Carolina, they must pay their state income tax.

    Besides that, there is no other special tax unique to North Carolina. Therefore, it will deduct only the state income tax from your paycheck.

    In North Carolina, The state income tax in North Carolina is 5.25%. It is a flat rate that is unchanged regardless of the amount of wages earned, activity performed, or age.

    In short, everyone pays the same state tax. To pay it, you only need to have been paid the money within North Carolina, regardless of whether you are a resident of North Carolina.

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    Running Payroll In North Carolina: Step

    Step 1: Register your business on the federal level. To register your business for withholding and unemployment taxes in North Carolina, you must have a Federal Employee Identification Number . Although its not required, we also encourage you to enroll in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System , making it easy to pay your federal taxes online or over the phone.

    Step 2: Obtain a Withholding Identification Number from the North Carolina Department of Revenue. Each new employer paying wages in North Carolina must register for a Withholding Identification Number by filling out a Form NC-BR and submitting it to the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

    Step 3: Register for Unemployment Tax with the North Carolina Division of Employment Security . Your small business must register with the NC DES. Once registered, youll be issued a North Carolina unemployment insurance number automatically.

    Step 4: Set up your payroll process. Established businesses may already have a payroll process in place, but a new company will need to begin with considerations such as how often employees will be paid, when they will be paid, and how hourly employees work time will be calculated. You can elect to do payroll yourself, set up an Excel payroll template, or use a payroll service.

    Step 5:Collect employee paperwork. To run payroll you will need to collect specific information from each employee:

    North Carolina Median Household Income

    Understanding Your Paycheck
    2011 $43,916

    Every taxpayer in North Carolina will pay 5.25% of their taxable income for state taxes. North Carolina has not always had a flat income tax rate, though. In 2013, the North Carolina Tax Simplification and Reduction Act radically changed the way the state collected taxes. The act went into full effect in 2014, but before then, North Carolina had a three-bracket progressive income tax system, with rates ranging from 6% to 7.75%. The new law introduced a single flat rate of 5.8% and more than doubled the standard deduction for North Carolina taxpayers.

    No cities in North Carolina levy local income taxes.

    A financial advisor in North Carolina can help you understand how taxes fit into your overall financial goals. Financial advisors can also help with investing and financial planning – including retirement, homeownership, insurance and more – to make sure you are preparing for the future.

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    North Carolina Payroll Taxes

    North Carolina payroll taxes are as easy as a walk along the outer banks. There is a flat income tax rate of 4.99%, which means no matter who you are or how much you make, this is the rate that will be deducted. Plus, to make things even breezier, there are no local income taxes.

    The only other thing you need to worry about is North Carolina State Unemployment Insurance. Unemployment insurance rates vary based on year and are usually determined by an employers reserve ratio percentage , which is the employers 2022 reserve ratio multiplied by 0.68. Rates range from 0.06% to 5.76%. All new employers should use a flat rate of 1.0%. If you cant tell, calculating North Carolina State Unemployment Insurance is a little less like walking along the beach and a little more like climbing Mount Mitchell. You can click here to see all the 2022 tax rates.

    Federal tax filings are due quarterly by filing Form 941. Theres also the Form 940 for FUTA annual filings. but for most North Carolina employers, deposits must be made on an ongoing basis via the EFTPS payment system. You can find employment tax due dates from the IRS here.

    North Carolina Income Tax Withholding

    North Carolina requires employers to withhold state income tax from employees’ wages and remit the amounts withheld to the Department of Revenue.

    Any employer that does business or has an employee in North Carolina, whether the employer is a state resident or not, must withhold state tax. However, to avoid double taxation for residents, North Carolina withholding is not required if the employer is required to withhold taxes from those wages for the other state or jurisdiction.

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    Accrued Paid Time Off

    If there are no company policies in place, the employer is required to pay employees for accrued time off upon termination of employment .

    Earned time off cannot be forfeited unless the employer has a written forfeiture clause in its company policies under N.C.G.S. 95-25.13. This means that if your company handbook or policies manual does not specifically state what happens with accrued paid time off, you are liable to pay it upon termination.

    Calculate And Subtract Federal Taxes:


    Once you have determined the taxable wages, it’s time to deduct Federal Income taxes for the Taxable wages.

    IRS requires the employers to withhold federal income tax from the employee’s paycheck, according to the details provided by the employee on Form W-4. The employee fills this form at the start of the job. The form includes all the necessary information, including income, number of allowances to claim, number of dependents, amount of additional taxes to deduct, and much more.

    The employees are required to keep their Form W-4 up to date with all their current information, especially marriage, divorce, or child’s birth.

    The federal income tax is charged according to the tax brackets in which the taxpayer’s income falls. The latest income tax brackets and rates are as follow:


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    Use An Income Tax Calculator

    If you dont itemize your deductions, figuring out how much state income tax North Carolina will withhold from your paychecks is pretty straightforward. For the 2018 tax year meaning taxes filed in 2019 multiply your gross pay by 0.05499. However, if you itemize deductions you can avail yourself of one of the numerous tax calculators available online, just be sure you are using a North Carolina income tax calculator and that its for the year that you want to calculate.

    The more boxes you have to fill in on the pay calculator, the more accurate the result will be. A North Carolina income tax calculator that includes boxes for your federal, state and local allowances and the ZIP code where you work is going to be more accurate than one that just requires the amount of your pay and your filing status.


    Writer Bio

    How Your Paycheck Works: Fica Withholding

    In addition to income tax withholding, the other main federal component of your paycheck withholding is for FICA taxes. FICA stands for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Your FICA taxes are your contribution to the Social Security and Medicare programs that youll have access to when youre a senior. Its your way of paying into the system.

    FICA contributions are shared between the employee and the employer. 6.2% of each of your paychecks is withheld for Social Security taxes and your employer contributes a further 6.2%. However, the 6.2% that you pay only applies to income up to the Social Security tax cap, which for 2022 is $147,000 . So for 2022, any income you earn above $147,000 doesnt have Social Security taxes withheld from it. It will still have Medicare taxes withheld, though.

    There is no income limit on Medicare taxes. 1.45% of each of your paychecks is withheld for Medicare taxes and your employer contributes another 1.45%. If you make more than a certain amount, you’ll be on the hook for an extra 0.9% in Medicare taxes. Here’s a breakdown of these amounts:

    • $200,000 for single filers, heads of household and qualifying widows with dependent children
    • $250,000 for married taxpayers filing jointly
    • $125,000 for married taxpayers filing separately

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