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Why Should You Adopt

BIR hopes TRAIN law will encourage more small businesses to pay proper taxes

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you’ll have a friend for life.

What is the difference between adopting a dog, adopting a cat, adopting a kitten or adopting a puppy versus getting dogs for sale, cats for sale, puppies for sale or kittens for sale from a dog breeder or a cat breeder?

When someone is breeding puppies or breeding kittens, they are creating new dogs and cats who need homes. Some people are interested in a very specific breed of dog, cat, puppy or kitten and they think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy a dog for sale or buy a cat for sale from a puppy breeder or a kitten breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats who must find homes.

So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder or buying a cat or kitten for sale from a cat breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog, adopt a cat, adopt a puppy or adopt a kitten at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.

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Wa Wa Shrine Patient Transportation Fund & Donations

A Registered Canadian Charity Registration No. 870382751RT0001Patient Transportation FundnotnotTo support the Patient Transportation Fund, please contact WA WA Shriners office at 306-569-2294. We accept VISA, Mastercard or cheque payable to WA WA Patient Transportation Fund. If your donations is made ‘In Memory’ of a loved one, an acknowledgement of your donation will be mailed to the family.Leaving a Legacy

Welcome Refugees From Ukraine And Around The World

People from all over the world resettle in the U.S. after fleeing their country, including many Afghans who fled after the change in government last August. The IRC works in 25 cities across the U.S. to welcome these refugees and help them rebuild their lives. There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • If you have a property near one of our U.S. offices, you may be able to rent to a refugee family. Learn more about the benefits of renting your property to IRC clients or .
  • Sponsorship opportunities are available for Afghan families and other refugees who are rebuilding their lives in the United States. If you wish to sponsor a refugee family, you can join an information session here.
  • The IRC is not able to accept donations of physical goods or clothing for our international crisis response programs. However, if you are interested in donating your product to refugees and asylum seekers who are rebuilding their lives here in the U.S., many of our local offices may be able to accept them.
  • The IRC is unable to deploy volunteers internationally to crisis areas however, there may be opportunities to volunteer in your community.

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How Is The Irc Helping

The IRC is on the ground in Poland, and working with local partners in both Poland and Ukraine. Working with partners allows us to bolster the crisis response of people who have already been active in the community and are experts on the local context.

We are working through our local partners to provide critical information services, legal counseling and psychological support to refugees who have arrived in Poland from Ukraine. We are also distributing medical supplies and procuring essential items such as sleeping bags and blankets for distribution at reception centers on the Ukrainian/Polish border.

In Ukraine, we are working with our partners to support the evacuation of women and children as well as delivering blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothes and other essentials to people who have been displaced. We are also providing cash so people in need can purchase what they need the most.

We will work to respond where we are needed the most and with the services that are needed urgently,” says Lani Fortier.

What The European Union Must Do

Making a Tax

European states are taking the right steps to prepare for people forced to flee. However, these efforts must be rapidly ramped up and translated into meaningful and concrete support. States must ensure safe passage and access to their territory, and adequately prepare for a humane and effective response. They must also stand with and provide support to Ukraine’s other neighbors who are welcoming refugees at their borders.

And, most important, Europe must not just offer protection to Ukrainian nationals who have visa-free access to the European Union, but to people of all citizenships and nationalities arriving from Ukraine who face grave dangers as the conflict escalates.

Discrimination and unfair treatment of refugees is always intolerable, but it is especially so when conflict is intensifying in urban areas and violations of international humanitarian law are mounting by the hour,” said IRC president and CEO David Miliband.

Seeking asylum is a human right, and it is our moral imperative to give refuge to those fleeing for their lives no matter their race, religion, color or creed.

Seeking asylum is a human right, and it is our moral imperative to give refuge to those fleeing for their lives no matter their race, religion, color or creed.

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Are You Ready To Fundraise For Love

Please select the Shriners Hospital you would like to fundraise for, or select Shriners Hospitals for Children to apply funds where they are most needed.

Great! This will be fun. If you have a specific fundraiser in mind, the skys the limit. Select an option below and start your fundraising page today and show the world that YOU fundraise For the Love Of.

How Do I Get A Tax Receipt For My Donation

For donations made online you’ll be re-directed to a confirmation page AFTER making your donation. Within 24 hours, youll also receive an email containing your donation details and tax receipt for your records.

Please note In your donation confirmation email you will also see a link “Manage your Donation” that directs you right to your online account. When logged into your account you can review your donation history as well as print receipts for taxes.For donations made by check or money order you’ll receive a receipt by mail within 8 weeks of your donation.

If you havent gotten either of these, please contact use so we can help.

Contact Information:

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Help Families Fleeing Conflict Survive Recover And Rebuild

Refugee families are fighting every day to survive, recover and rebuild their lives. Your continued support will help us deliver comprehensive aid to children and families affected by devastating humanitarian crises, all year round.

Your gift allows us to deliver comprehensive help to people affected by humanitarian crises and will be used where and when most needed. And, when combined with those of other donors, your gift becomes a powerful means to support our vital work, including education, health care, emergency support and job training for families in crisis worldwide.

All donations processed securely

How Can I Help Ukraine

Employee Retention Tax Credit Update [$26,000 Per Employee] Available Until at Least 7/31/23

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already forced over 6 million refugees to flee. Most are women and children. Learn what you can do to help.

The world watched in shock as the Russian military invaded Ukraine on February 24 and began targeting homes, hospitals, bridges and schools.

More than 7.7 million peoplemostly women and childrenhave left to seek safety in neighboring Moldova, Poland and other European states amid the growing crisis in Ukraine. Over 7 million people are displaced inside the country as the conflict continues.

The escalation of violence between Russia and Ukraine will lead to grave human suffering. Here are some ways you can help the people of Ukraine:

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Alec Cabacungan On Becoming The Face Of Shriners Hospitals For Children

Alec Cabacungan on becoming the face of Shriners Hospitals for Children

Sixteen-year-old Alec Cabacungan, Shriners Hospitals for Children national spokesperson, tells Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace how he has grabbed the hearts of viewers, helping children who need specialized care

This is a rush transcript from “Fox News Sunday” March 14, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

What Does War Mean For Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could displace far more people and cause more human suffering than Europe has seen this century. The world will bear witness to the deaths of innocent civilians, the destruction of homes and infrastructure, and massive displacement of families within Ukraine and beyond.

The impacts of the conflict will be felt not just across Europe but around the globe. The war will also impact food suppliesparticularly access to wheat, a Ukrainian exportfor countries like Yemen, Libya and Lebanon that are already facing high levels of food insecurity.

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What Can Western Leaders And The Humanitarian Community Do

People impacted by the conflict in Ukraine must be protected.

The IRC strongly backs the United Nation Secretary Generals call to protect civiliansthe UN Charter must be respected and international humanitarian law must be followed including the protection of schools and hospitals. People must be allowed to move freely, and aid agencies must be granted access to those in need of assistance.

People fleeing for their freedom and for their lives, theyre desperate to have a second chance. And the countries that they adopt as their new homes, they became patriotic and productive citizens,” says @DMiliband of refugees fleeing their homes around the world.

CBS Mornings

At the same time, the world must prepare for the worst and ensure relief services inside and outside Ukraine have the funds they need to save lives and alleviate suffering. European countries must welcome their neighbors fleeing Ukraine by keeping borders open, providing adequate reception support, and ensuring full access to asylum.

Irc Extremely Alarmed By Russias Invasion Of Ukraine

Jill Neville
  • On February 24, Russia deployed its military into Ukraine.
  • As the bombs and shelling have continued to escalate, people are fleeing their homes and desperately seeking safety.
  • The war in Ukraine will lead to grave human suffering. The world will bear witness to innocent deaths, destruction of civilian infrastructure and massive displacement inside the country and across Europe.
  • The IRC strongly supports the UN Secretary Generals call for the protection of civilians and adherence to international humanitarian law.

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What Is Happening In Ukraine

Over 700 civilians have been reported killed in the Russian attacks. Approximately 6.5 million people have reportedly been displaced within the country and over 4 million have been forced to flee into neighboring Moldova, Poland and other European states. Most are women and childen.

Public infrastructure has also been destroyed, meaning thousands of people are without adequate water, heat and electricity, or are unable to reach stores to buy basic necessities because roads and bridges are unpassable. Health facilities, including a maternity and children’s hospital, have also been damaged during the invasionanothergrave breach of international humanitarian law.

Ukraine was shaken by conflict even before the recent invasion: In 2014, Russia invaded and subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula and began backing pro-Russian separatists in parts of eastern Ukraine. Fighting has been raging in these areas over the past eight years, killing over 3,000 people, displacing more than 850,000 from their homes, and leaving almost 3 million in need of humanitarian aid.

Why You Should Always Ask For A Rent Receipt

Your rent receipt is much more than just your proof of payment for many Canadians, its a way to put money back in your pocket.

The Ontario energy and property tax credit helps low- to moderate-income Ontario residents with the sales tax on energy costs. Claiming the amount of rent you paid can boost your monthly Trillium payment, which is especially important for post-secondary students accommodation on a tight budget.

Tax credits can really add up

When you do your taxes, complete the ON-BEN form and enter the total amount of rent you paid the previous year. Youll need to include the name of your landlord.

How much you receive depends on your age, marital status and rent amount, but you could receive as much as $1,065, divided among monthly payments on the 10th of each month.

Landlords are required to provide you with rent receipts, so dont be shy about asking for them. While paying by cheque or e-transfer may seem like its providing you with proof of payment, the CRA requires an official rent receipt to allow you to claim rent on your income tax. The rent receipt needs to include the name of the landlord , contact information for the landlord, the address of the rental unit, the total amount of rent paid and the year.

If you have a roommate and your receipt shows the full amount of rent paid, simply include your share of the rent on the ON-BEN form.

A receipt lets you go back in time

Proof of payment protects you

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Instructions For Duplicate Receipts From Paypal

  • Login to your PayPal account.
  • Once logged in, you will be on the MY ACCOUNT page. Look for the VIEW ALL MY TRANSACTIONS link and click it.
  • On that page, find your transaction to Dust Devil Ranch and print for your records. This will be your receipt.
  • Please understand that the year-end means closing out our books and that demands a substantial amount of work to accurately and properly complete. We basically have one person who handles everything , and like everyone who works for our horse rescue, she donates her time, too.

    We hope this information is useful for you. It is not advice it is simply provided as a courtesy to you. Please do not base any decisions upon this tax and financial advice is not our profession. Please consult with a professional for tax advice.

    Finally, were so very grateful for your generous support. We couldnt continue the important work of rescuing and rehabilitating horses without you!

    Thank you again, from our heart to yours!

    100% of your donation goes to the care and feeding of the horses in our care, and may be tax deductible.

    How We Use Funds


    Shriners Hospitals for Children® is changing lives every day through innovative pediatric specialty care, world-class research and outstanding medical education. Our staff provides all aspects of care for children with orthopaedic conditions, spinal cord injuries, burns, and cleft lip and palate, regardless of the families ability to pay. Many of the common techniques and treatments that are used in most hospitals today were pioneered by Shriners Hospitals for Children. Because of you and your support, we’ve been able to send Love to the rescue® to more than 1.5+ million children since 1922.

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    Protect People In Ukraine

    The IRC strongly backs the United Nations Secretary Generals call to protect civilians in line with international humanitarian law. Ukrainians urgently need an immediate ceasefire and a political solution that spares lives and prevents suffering. The UN Charter must be respected and international humanitarian law followed, including the protection of schools and hospitals.

    Do You Need A Tax Receipt

    When you donate money or material items to Dust Devil Ranch, you are provided via email a tax receipt at the time of your donation. If you plan to deduct your donation(s0 from your tax return, you need a

    • Tax receipt for donations under $75
    • Year-end tax receipt for gifts of $75 or more

    Regardless of how many times in a year you make a donation, a receipt is provided each time. Please keep it with your tax records. Tax receipts for donations totaling $75 or more are sent near the end of January of the year following your donation. If you provided us with an email address, your tax letter will be delivered to your inbox. If we dont have your email address on file, your tax letter will be sent to you by US Mail.

    The IRS requires that all donations be supported with bank records or receipts proving the value of the donation.

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    How To Fill Out A Nonprofit Donation Receipt

    Small business owners know equipment wears out. Everything from telephones to the break room coffee machine needs replacing eventually. Donating usable equipment can mean tax savings — if you do it right. The IRS lets you deduct donations to nonprofit organizations. A receipt is required, but the IRS doesnt provide a standard form. Instead, the charity and the donor must complete the paperwork. To do that, you must know whats required.

    The Impacts On Women And Girls

    Beamsville 4 Paw Rescue Adoption Event at Maggy

    The majority of the 4 million refugees who have fled Ukraine are women and children. Along with women displaced within Ukraine, they are at grave risk of violence, exploitation and abuse.

    Women and girls impacted by the crisis are also increasingly unable to reach the emergency medical services, basic health care, and social services they need. An estimated 80,000 women will give birth in the next three months in Ukraine. If the crisis continues to shut down essential services, many will do so without access to critical maternal health care. For them, childbirth could be a life-threatening experience.

    The IRC is calling for international donors and world leaders to prioritize support and protection services for women and girls. This means listening to Ukrainian women and girls themselves and including womens rights organizations in all affected countries in coordinating and implementing the humanitarian response.

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    Donate To Organizations Like The Irc

    The International Rescue Committee has launched an emergency appeal to help support displaced families with critical aid.

    In Ukraine, we are working with local partners to support the evacuation of women and children, and provide critical information and psychological support, as well as blankets, sleeping bags and warm clothes to people who have been displaced. We are also providing cash so people in need can purchase what they need the most.

    In Poland, we are on the ground and working through our partners there to provide legal counseling, translation services and psychological support to some of the over 3 million people who have arrived from Ukraine. We are also distributing medical supplies and procuring essential items such as sleeping bags and blankets for distribution at reception centers on the Ukrainian/Polish border

    Working with partners allows us to bolster the crisis response of people who have already been active in the community and are experts on the local context.

    One of the best ways you can help right now is by rushing an emergency donation to help us assist those in crisis in Ukraine and around the world.

    Learn more about our work responding to emergencies like the war in Ukraine.

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