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Earned Income Tax Forms For Individuals

ATX: Advanced Calculations and Compliance: Tax Automation for Pennsylvania Local Earned Income Tax

Member Earned Income Tax Rate Tableto be used to help taxpayers of member municipalities and school districts determine their Earned Income Tax Rate.

Taxpayer’s Quarterly Estimated Earned Income Tax Form – to be used by self – employed taxpayers and/or taxpayers who’s employer are NOT withholding local tax

Tax Collector: Berkheimer Tax Innovations

Residents of Springfield Township and nonresidents working in the Township are subject to the tax, which is assessed on earned income. There is an exemption from the Earned Income Tax for any individual earning less than $5,000 annually.

Berkheimer Tax Innovations is the appointed Earned Income Tax collector for Springfield Township. As the appointed collector, Berkheimer is charged with administering the collection of the tax, establishing rules and regulations to fairly enforce the collection and creating accurate tax records and accounts for each taxpayer.

Most resident taxpayers will have this tax deducted by their employers if they work in Pennsylvania. Although, if you work in a jurisdiction where it is not withheld, or you are self-employed, you will have to register with, and pay the tax directly to Berkheimer Tax Innovations. If earned income taxes are NOT withheld, all applicable resident taxpayers must file a local annual earned income tax return each year by April 15th for the preceding year, whether tax is due or is not due. The annual return may be obtained from Berkheimer Tax Innovations.

Refer to the Earned Income Tax Frequently Asked Questions for general questions and answers about the tax.

Municipal And School Earned Income Tax Office

2790 W 4th St. ~ Williamsport PA 17701

PH: 570-601-3980 Fax 570-327-0650

This site was developed to give taxpayers, employers, and tax professionals easy access to local tax information and forms. We invite you to browse around the site to see what is available.

The tax office extends its gratitude to the taxpayers who invest time and effort into complying with local tax laws. Important Municipal & School Services are possible because of you.

If you are in need of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Real Estate Notice

It has been brought to our attention that individuals who made installments for the 2021 school taxes may have received a delinquent letter. If you have already made two installment payments, you can disregard the delinquent letter and make payment for the third installment by the end of November 2021.

Please accept our apology.

The office will be closed on the following dates:

Drop Box

Tax Office Closed

Tax Office Closed

Our office has a secure drop box that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. It is located to the left of our office door and is clearly marked. Please put any items going in our drop box in a sealed envelope to ensure everything stays together.

Covid-19 Protocols

The Municipal & School Earned Income Tax Office is now open to the public.

Please be advised that MASKS are currently optional per PA Dept. of Health Guidelines.

At this timeonly two people are permitted in our lobby at one time per district policy.

Please note:

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The Psd For Whitpain Township Is 462203

The PSD will become even more critical in 2010 since Pennsylvania recently passed a law that changes the way the EIT is collected and distributed by employers, municipalities and school districts. Taxpayers working in Pennsylvania will be required to submit a Residency Certification Form to their employer listing the PSD. Employers will provide the forms.

Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification

katemalodesign: Pennsylvania Unemployment Tax Return

All State of Pennsylvania employers are required to withhold the Local Earned Income Tax from your paycheck. The Local Earned Income Tax for City of Warren residents has been set at 2.8% .

What do you need to do?

All employees are required to file a Residency Certification Form with their employer. If you have not received the form from your employer, please see below.

  • The form must include the 6-digit Political Code . The City of Warren PSD Code is 620122. This code is important as it ultimately determines which municipality receives your Local Earned Income Tax.
  • If you are self-employed or employed out-of-state, you are required to file with Berkheimer Tax Office at 800-383-4870 or .
  • If you have already received a form from your employer, please check to insure that the correct PSD Code was used .
  • Following the above steps will insure that your tax dollars are correctly routed to the City of Warren and the Warren County School District.

    Should you require any assistance, need more information on the law, or have any other questions about the Local Earned Income Tax, please contact the Berkheimer Tax Office at 800-383-4870.

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