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Sales And Property Taxes In North Carolina

Should NC suspend its state gas tax?

Sales Tax like many states, North Carolina has multiple tax rates. One at the state level and another at the local level. The state rate is 4.75% the average local rate is 2.22% .

Property Taxes in North Carolina the average property tax rate for residential property in the state of North Carolina is 0.85%. North Carolina has a low property tax per capita with collections being at only $974. This makes it a preferable place to own property.

Getting Your North Carolina Tax Refund

If your state tax witholdings are greater then the amount of income tax you owe the state of North Carolina, you will receive an income tax refund check from the government to make up the difference.

It should take one to three weeks for your refund check to be processed after your income tax return is recieved. E-filing your return and filing early can help ensure your refund check gets sent as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve filed your tax return, all you have to do is wait for your refund to arrive. If you want to check the status of your North Carolina tax refund, you can visit the North Carolina Income Tax Refund page.

Nc State Offer In Compromise

North Carolinas DOR has an Offer In Compromise program for qualifying and financially distressed taxpayers. With this tax resolution, a taxpayer can pay a lump sum to settle their tax liabilities in full. The OIC tax program may also be an excellent alternative for taxpayers who cannot comply with an installment payment agreement. Taxpayers can read more about this tax resolution option here.

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How Can I Check The Status Of My Refund

You can check the status of your refund online by using our Wheres My Refund? web service. In order to view status information, you will be prompted to enter the social security number listed on your tax return along with the exact amount of your refund shown on line 34 of Form D-400, Individual Income Tax Return.

I Have Checked The Status Of My Return And I Was Told There Is No Record Of My Return Being Received What Should I Do

North Carolina Budget Compromise Delivers Further Tax Reform

Due to the late approval of the state budget, which included multiple tax law changes, the Department has experienced delays processing returns. If you filed your return electronically and received an acknowledgment, your return has been received but may not have started processing. Follow the guidance below based on your filing method:

Filed Electronically:

If its been more than six weeks since you received an acknowledgment email, please call 1-877-252-3052.

Filed Paper:

If its been more than 12 weeks since you mailed your original return, you can mail a duplicate return to NC Department of Revenue, P O Box 2628, Raleigh, NC 27602, Attn: Duplicate Returns. The word “Duplicate” should be written at the top of the return that you are mailing. The duplicate return must be an original printed form and not a photocopy and include another copy of all wages statements as provided with the original return.

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Renew Registration And Pay Property Tax Online

1. Visit myNCDMV and or download the app for iOS or Android and click Continue to myNCDMV Services.

2. Create an account using your email address, Apple, Facebook or Google credentials, or Continue as a Guest .

8. Enter your contact information. Then, click Submit.

9. Review your Vehicle Renewal Summary and click Add item to cart if everything looks good.

10. Click Go to cart if you dont need to add another item. Click Ill add something else if you need to renew another vehicle or need to make another purchase online through myNCDMV.

11. Enter your email address into the Send Receipt To box if youre logged in a guest. If you have an account, your receipt is sent to the email address that you use to log in to myNCDMV.

12. After clicking Go to cart, click Choose a Payment Method and enter a or link to a bank account.

Note: If you already have a card or bank account linked, it will automatically appear here. Click on the payment method to change or add a new payment method.

13. Click Pay $.to finalize and submit your order.

Note: You will receive a payment receipt in your email and if signed in, you can also see it in the Receipts tab of your myNCDMVProfile .

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How Can I Obtain A Receipt

MyDMV is the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles online portal that lets you view and manage details about your driver license and vehicle registration, view and print motor vehicle taxes due/paid and conveniently complete NCDMV services anytime and anywhere without ever having to wait in a line. To access this feature, click here: MyDMV.

North Carolina Income Taxes

Some North Carolinians reporting delay in state tax refunds

North Carolina moved to a flat income tax beginning with tax year 2014. For tax year 2021, all taxpayers pay a flat rate of 5.25%. That rate applies to taxable income, which is income minus all qualifying deductions and exemptions, as well as any contributions to a retirement plan like a 401 or an IRA.

In North Carolina, taxpayers can claim itemized deductions for charitable contributions, mortgage interest and property taxes. The deductions for the latter two categories cannot exceed $20,000. Most other deductions that were previously available in North Carolina, including the Net Business Income deduction and the College Savings Program deduction, are no longer available as of 2014.

Taxpayers who dont itemize their deductions can claim North Carolinas standard deduction. The standard deduction for the 2021 tax year is $10,750 for single filers, $21,500 for joint filers and $16,125 for heads of household. However, there is no personal exemption in North Carolina for filers, spouses or dependents. To file your federal tax return, you can look into tax preparation software or hire a professional accountant.

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Employer Payroll Tax Withholding

All employers are required to withhold federal taxes from their employees wages. Youll withhold 7.65 percent of their taxable wages, and your employees will also be responsible for 7.65 percent, adding up to the current federal tax rate of 15.3 percent.Speak to your accountant for more information.

North Carolina Taxes For Retirees

What is it like to retire in the great state of North Carolina? For one, the weather is mild, making it an excellent destination for active retirees. The state also teems with natural beauty. But one of the most important factors regarding whether NC is a great retirement destination is its tax-friendliness and cost of living.

So, what exactly are North Carolinas taxes for retirees like? Read on to learn more about what to expect.

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Potential Negative Consequences From Obtaining A Payment Plan

If you obtain an installment payment plan with the Department of Revenue and default on any of the terms, the Department must take legal action to force collection of the tax immediately.

Forced collection actions include:

  • Garnishment and Attachment An order that requires that money be withheld from a taxpayers bank accounts, wages, or other intangible property.
  • Certificate of Tax Liability A CTL places a judgment on real or personal property that is held by a taxpayer. Moreover, a CTL is public information and must be resolved to obtain a clear title to a property.
  • Jeopardy Assessment The NC Department of Revenue may immediately assess and collect any tax the Department finds in jeopardy. Furthermore, when making a jeopardy collection, the Department may use any collection remedy in NC General Statutes § 105-242.
  • Tax Warrant A tax warrant is a request issued to a Sheriff to seize and sell any personal property owned by a taxpayer who has failed to pay taxes, penalties, interest, or fees that have been assessed by the NC Department of Revenue.

When in doubt, it is generally a good idea to work with a licensed tax professional that has resolved or has experience fixing tax problems with North Carolinas DOR, click the link or start your search below to see top-rated tax professionals. Sometimes other options, like an Offer in Compromise can be a better course of action if a taxpayer qualifies.

The Different Types Of Taxes You Could Be Paying

Biotechnology Industry in North Carolina

Some states have a flat tax rate on incomes, also known as the fair tax. In Pennsylvania, the flat tax rate in 2020 was 3.07%, meaning that someone who earns $100,000 would only pay $3,070 in state income tax. There are only 8 states that have a flat tax rate in income, respectively Michigan, Utah, Indiana, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Massachusetts.

Other states have no income tax, but that doesnt mean there are no taxes paid to the state. For example, these states may still have to deal with other taxes, including gasoline tax, property taxes, cigarette tax, and sales tax. The seven states with no income tax are Florida, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, Washington, Nevada, and Alaska.

There are also some graduated tax rates that the remaining 36 states and the District of Columbia use. This framework is similar to the one used by the federal government. Under this type of tax, a person would have their income taxed in different brackets at different rates, which increase when the annual income also grows. However, there are fewer brackets compared to the federal tax code, and also lower tax rates.

State income tax can also be individual or corporate.

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How Long Does It Take To Receive An Amended Refund

You should receive your amended refund within six months from the date filed. If it has been more than five months since you filed your amended return, please call 1-877-252-3052 for assistance. Select the option for l Individual Income Tax then listen for the Refund option to speak with an agent. Please do not call 1-877-252-4052 as instructed in the main greeting. Interest will be paid on amended refunds at the applicable rate.

Occupational Safety And Health Act Of North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Labor administers and implements the Occupational Safety and Health Act of North Carolina. OSHA standards protect workers from unsafe and unhealthy working conditions. For information regarding OSHA requirements, contact the North Carolina Department of Labors Occupational Safety and Health Division or call 807-2900.

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Location Location Location: Sourcing Principles For North Carolina Sales And Use Taxes

Author Name: Connor Crews

Sales tax rates are not uniform across North Carolinas 100 counties. In some counties, the combined rate of sales tax is as high as 7.5%, while in others that rate is as low as 6.75%. Why? Local option sales taxes.

Unless state law specifies an alternative rate, the general rate of North Carolinas state sales tax is 4.75%. See G.S. § 105-164.4 . But the General Assembly also has permitted North Carolinas counties to impose certain sales taxesreferred to colloquially as local option sales taxesthat apply in addition to the base state rate. SeeG.S. Chapter 105, Art. 39 , Art. 40 , Art. 42 , Art. 43 , and Art. 46 . Not all counties have levied the same local option sales taxesas of October 1, 2022, every county has levied the Article 39, Article 40, and Article 42 taxes, four counties have levied Article 43 tax, and 47 counties have levied the Article 46 tax.

Because rates of sales tax can differ by county, a retailer must determine the county in which a taxable sale occurs in order to collect sales tax at the correct rate. But how does a retailer make that determination? For example, assume that a retailer with a brick-and-mortar store in Orange County sells a lawnmower to a resident of Chatham County and delivers it to the Chatham County residents home. Which countys rates apply?

The Origin of North Carolinas Sourcing Principles: The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement

Basic Sourcing Principles for North Carolina Sales Taxes

Franchise & Income Tax

Yes, North Carolina has the lowest tax rate in the country

A franchise tax is imposed on corporations for the privilege of doing business in North Carolina. This tax is due annually as long as the corporation remains incorporated, domesticated or continues to do business in the state. For questions concerning franchise and income tax obligations, visit the North Carolina Department of Revenues Corporate Taxes page or call 252-3052.

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Details On North Carolina Retirement Taxes

When it does come to the tax side of things, if youre considering a move to North Carolina for retirement, its important to keep the following in mind:

  • Social Security income in North Carolina is not taxed
  • However, withdrawals from retirement accounts are fully taxed
  • Additionally, pension incomes are fully taxed

How Do I Claim Military Retirement On My Taxes

A Payments you receive as a member of a military service generally are taxed as wages except for retirement pay, which is taxed as a pension. If your retirement pay is based on age or length of service, it is taxable and must be included in your income as a pension on lines 5a and 5b of Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR.

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Personal Online Banking Bill Pay

  • Pay a tax bill using your financial institutions bill pay service.
  • Allow additional time for processing, we recommend scheduling your payment to be sent to us by your financial institution at least 5 business days prior to the actual due date on the tax bill.
  • Be certain to verify the property tax bill number is submitted with your payment to ensure proper credit. Delayed posting may occur if the incorrect tax number is provided. The bill number is printed in color on your bill.
  • If making an advance payment, please have your bank indicate Prepayment on the remittance.
  • Make payable and remit to: Orange County Tax Office P.O. Box 8181, Hillsborough, NC 27278.


Orange County Tax Office offers a Bank Draft Program that will allow you to pay 2022 real and personal property taxes over a 10-month period. This will relieve you of mailing monthly payments, and it will be a convenient way to pay taxes.

  • You may choose to have payments drafted on either the 5th or the 20th of the month. Drafts on the 5th will begin in February and finish in November drafts on the 20th will begin in January and finish in October.
  • Applications will be accepted by mail, in person or by email. Please submit a new application for each year that you choose to participate.
  • Tax bills for registered motor vehicles are not eligible for this program.

Please be advised that payments are non-refundable.

What to do:

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Nc Installment Payment Agreement

State Individual Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2020

North Carolina offers an Installment Payment Agreement. Many may also refer to it as a tax payment plan or installment agreement. With this option, if the taxpayer cannot pay the balance in full, they can pay it over time. The type of tax and the amount owed usually determine the duration of the Installment Payment Agreement. Taxpayers can find out more about NCs installment payment agreement here.

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North Carolina Tax Deductions

Income tax deductions are expenses that can be deducted from your gross pre-tax income. Using deductions is an excellent way to reduce your North Carolina income tax and maximize your refund, so be sure to research deductions that you mey be able to claim on your Federal and North Carolina tax returns. For details on specific deductions available in North Carolina, see the list of North Carolina income tax deductions.

Fraud Negligence Frivolous Tax Return Penalties

  • Negligence penalties and Large tax deficiency If a taxpayer understates their taxable income, in an amount equal to 25% or more of gross income, the 25% large individual income tax deficiency or other large tax deficiency penalty will be assessed. If the taxpayer understates their income by less than 25%, a 10% negligence penalty may be applied. If the taxpayer had an accuracy penalty assessed for federal income tax purposes, DOR will assess the 10% negligence penalty for State income tax purposes, unless a larger deficiency penalty applies.
  • Fraud If a taxpayer received a fraud penalty from the federal government and their state return was based on that fraudulent return, they will also be assessed a 50% fraud penalty for state purposes. If taxation authorities assess a fraud penalty, the state cannot also assess a taxpayer for negligence, large tax deficiency, or failure to file for that same deficiency.
  • Frivolous return If a taxpayer files a frivolous return, the state may assess up to a $500 penalty. A frivolous tax return is one that both fails to provide sufficient information to permit a determination that the tax return is correct and positively indicates the tax return is incorrect and evidences the intent to delay, impede or negate the State or purports to adopt a position that lacks seriousness.

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