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Best For Ease Of Filing: Turbotax

How to Choose the Right Tax Software for Tax Preparers


TurboTax has an easy-to-navigate interface that makes filing your taxes quick and simple. It’s an intuitive online experience on both mobile and desktop that covers most tax filer needs.

  • Excellent mobile tax filing experience

  • Newer option to upgrade for additional support

  • Limited customer service unless you pay extra

  • Some versions more expensive than competing tax programs

TurboTax is the largest tax prep software provider in the United States. TurboTax is made by Intuit, a large financial software company that also makes Mint, the personal finance app, as well as the accounting software platform QuickBooks.

TurboTax Online has four versions available. Costs for the service run from $79, $119, $169, or $199 depending on the complexities of your tax return . According to TurboTax, the $59 Deluxe version is the most popular. Filing a state return costs $44-54 per state. Depending on when you buy, you may get a discounted price.

TurboTax Live gives you the added help of a certified tax expert. Of course, these packages cost more. When you sign up for TurboTax Live, you get on-demand access to a tax expert. This could be worth the added cost for those with more complicated situations or questions.

TurboTax includes a 100% accuracy and maximum refund guarantee. It includes free audit guidance and a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Best Tax Software For Tax Preparers

Identify the best Tax Software per your requirements based on the comparison and features of top Tax Preparation Software listed here:

Worried about how to file your taxes? Here we have come up with solutions for you!

Many people find it difficult to calculate taxes on their own. If you do not pay taxes deliberately or do not pay the accurate amount, you can face a penalty of thousands of dollars or even imprisonment.

Taxable income is calculated by calculating your total household income and then doing some deductions from it, for example, your contributions to your 401, etc.

Most of the time, you will need an expert who knows how to maximize the deductions for taxes so that you can save as much money as possible. Plus, he/she will also guide you on how to do tax planning, for instance, marital status, number of dependents, and many other factors that influence the net amount of tax that you need to pay.

Thus, there is tax preparation software out there. You can use them either to file your own taxes or for your clients. They help in calculating taxes accurately while saving much of your time.

What You Will Learn:

Products Covered And Profile Of Respondents

Anecdotally, one driver of participation and interest in the survey is many tax preparers’ curiosity about whether tax season might be less stressful with a different product than the one they have and whether they would realize greater value for what many of them regard as an outsized expense. Year-over-year changes in representation of each product might reflect switching or wider adoption of a product, but the relative representation of firm sizes in the respondent sample is likely a factor, too .

The survey allowed respondents to select their software from among 13 products listed and write in others. As usual, seven products predominated:

  • UltraTax CS, used by 21.6% of respondents
  • Drake Tax, 17.3%
  • CCH Axcess Tax, 9.1% and

The order of that list was slightly changed from 2020, with Lacerte and Drake Tax swapping places last year, Lacerte users were 16% of the sample, and those of Drake Tax were 15.1%. CCH ProSystem fx and ProSeries also switched positions. Last year, CCH ProSystem fx users were 12.4% of the sample, while ProSeries’s users share of 11.4% was the same both years. Also, the gap between CCH Axcess Tax and CCH ProSystem fx narrowed considerably. CCH Axcess Tax climbed from 7.3% to a 9.1% share nearly even with CCH ProSystem fx. These movements continue a trend from 2019. Lacerte and ProSeries are Intuit Inc. products, while ATX, CCH Axcess Tax, and CCH ProSystem fx are Wolters Kluwer products. UltraTax CS is a Thomson Reuters product.

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Our Top Picks For The Best Tax Software

  • One of the most expensive online tax software
  • Many features requires upgrade to paid plan

Why We Chose It: We chose TurboTax as the best tax software for investors for its help with reporting sales of investment securities and funds earning, among other investment services included in its wide range of tax-filing products.

Intuits TurboTax is one of the best-known online tax-prep software out there. Its also an excellent choice for investors, who may benefit from the softwares ability to import investing gains and losses from a variety of sources.

Theres been a rise in the number of people investing, says TurboTax tax expert Lisa Green-Lewis. Taxpayers had a pain point of inserting all their info for transactions, like stock and cryptocurrency sales, she says, and the software facilitates that.

TurboTax is only free for certain taxpayers for simple tax returns only . This means the free version is not available for freelancers, business owners and other self-employed individuals who get a 1099 form. Also, those who earn farm or rental income or have earnings from investments like stocks and bonds can’t file a simple tax return.

  • Must pay an additional cost for on-demand support
  • Schedule C only available in Self-Employed plan

Why We Chose It: We chose H& R Block as the best tax software for multiple ways to file because it offers four ways to file your taxes, including e-filing on your own or with a tax professional.


How Do I Claim My Economic Impact Payment On My Tax Return

Professional Tax Preparation Software Reviews

If you did not receive your third Economic Impact Payments , you could claim it on your 2021 tax return through the Recovery Rebate Credit. The credit will either increase your tax refund or reduce the amount you owe .

To determine your claim amount, refer to your Letter 6475, Your Third Economic Impact Payment, including the stimulus payments received. The notices went out by mail in early 2022.

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Best Professional Tax Software Programs For 2023

Tim is a Certified QuickBooks Time Pro, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and CPA with 25 years of experience. He brings his expertise to Fit Small Businesss accounting content.

Tax software is the core of a tax preparers businesswhich is why the best professional tax software must include the ability to prepare both individual and business returns. The needs of tax preparers vary greatly based on their need for bookkeeping integrations, remote access, and budget.

The six best tax software programs for professionals are:

Do-it-yourself tax software:

The tax software in this guide is for professional return preparers and isnt suitable for individuals and businesses seeking to prepare their own returns. For DIY tax software, see our guide to the best small business tax software.

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What Is A ‘simple’ Tax Return

When you file only a single W-2 from an employer, it’s considered a simple tax return. With a simple return, you won’t be itemizing deductions, claiming investment income or rental property, reporting freelance income or claiming business expenses like a home office.

Companies like Intuit and H& R Block explain the added complexity commensurate with their higher-tier products, so if you aren’t sure, double-check their lists before purchasing. You can also start filing with a free return in most cases and upgrade your service level if needed.

Knowledge Of Tax Law & The Tax Preparation Process

Intuit Lacerte Individual Tax – Software Overview and simple 1040 Preparation

Every competent tax preparer needs to understand relevant tax laws and the filing process but you dont need to spend years in school to do so. Some mistakenly believe that only CPAs can become tax professionals. In reality, you can gain the knowledge you need to handle basic returns relatively quickly.

The TaxSlayer Pro blog and The IRSs Annual Filing Season Program are great places to start. The Annual Filing Season Program will help you quickly gain the knowledge you need to start preparing basic returns, and subscribing to our newsletter will keep you up-to-date on common tax questions and important changes to tax law.

From there, you can pursue several low-cost continuing education and certification options to increase your expertise and grow your business. For example, many tax professionals choose to become IRS Enrolled Agents. This certification grants you unlimited representation rights from the IRS and instantly boosts your credibility with potential clients.

If you think a career in tax preparation could be right for you, wed love to help you get started! After youve read up on what tax preparers do, our Ultimate Guide to Starting a Tax Preparation Business will give you practical steps to take toward your new career as a tax professional.

Not sure which software to choose?

Compare your options to find the best solution for your business

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How Soon Can I Pay My Taxes

The IRS announced that it began accepting and processing tax returns for the 2020 tax year on Feb. 12.

Here are a couple of good reasons why it pays to file your taxes sooner rather than later:

    You can get your refund money faster
    If you forget to file your taxes by the deadline , any back taxes owed are still due on that date, in addition to late filing fees.
    You can avoid scams. The IRS warns about scammers stealing Social Security numbers to make off with people’s refunds. If you’ve already claimed your refund, a thief is going to be out of luck.

Best For Virtual Assistance: Turbotax


A market leader, TurboTax includes an option to get on-demand support from a tax professional at home as well as robust technical support for its online and downloadable products, which is why it is our pick for best for virtual assistance.

  • Online version has an upgrade for live support from a CPA or EA

  • Online interface thats easy to use and navigate

  • More expensive than some competing tax software

  • 1065 and 1120S forms only available in Windows-only desktop version

  • Little additional tax support without paying for TurboTax Live

TurboTax is one of the largest providers of DIY tax software and a good choice for many businesses. TurboTax is owned by Intuit, a California-based software company founded in 1983, and it offers online, desktop, and mobile versions to prepare and file your taxes.

Most business owners using the online version of TurboTax would benefit from TurboTax Self-Employed, which includes personal and business income and expense tax forms. This version costs $120 plus $50 per state. Windows users can install TurboTax Home & Business, which includes 5 federal e-files and 1 state for $200. Additional states cost $45. This version is needed if you want to prepare taxes for a partnership or corporation.

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How Do You Choose The Right Tax Software

There are numerous tax software programs available online, but not all of them are designed for the same circumstances. Some software is meant to guide total beginners in personal finance through the process, whereas others are meant to be used only by professionals.

Choosing the right tax software comes down to three main factors: cost, user experience and forms availability.


Tax preparation software is often an affordable option for taxpayers to file their state and federal income tax returns. However, if your tax return is complex, as is the case for self-employed individuals, business owners, investors, couples filing jointly or those with dependents, you may have to pay for a premium service.

Consider how much youre willing to spend on tax preparation software and if you are able to make due with simpler, free software options. Some companies offer budget-friendly plans, but these often lack support for filers that need more hand-holding. Other software options offer audit support or on-demand customer support from a tax professional, but with a higher price tag.

User experience

Tax preparation software programs are designed to simplify the tax return filing process, especially for inexperienced individuals. Its important that the user feels guided and understands what is happening every step of the way.

Tax forms available

Here are a few often-used forms you may come across:

Simple Tax Return Vs Complex Tax Return

Wealthsimple Tax Review (previously SimpleTax): Is this Canadas Best ...

A simple tax return is the most basic type of tax return you can file, and many tax software programs let you file this return for free. A simple return generally includes W-2 income, limited interest and dividend income, standard deductions and unemployment income.

Some free plans also include the earned income tax credit , child tax credits and student loan/education deductions .

If your finances are more complicated and you don’t qualify for a simple tax return, you’ll need to file a complex tax return, and most tax software programs will charge you fees to file. Complex tax situations typically include anyone with freelance income , small business owners and landlords, as well as anyone with earnings from investments and stock sales.

The tax program you use will notify you if you can’t file a free simple tax return and instead need to upgrade and pay to file a more complex return. And even if you can file a simple tax return, you may want to pay for the next-tier plan to benefit from more deductions.

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Best For Partnerships And Corporations: Taxact


TaxAct includes an option to complete tax filings for partnership and corporations completely online and is the only place you can prepare taxes for a partnership or S corporation with either a PC or Mac online, which is why it’s our choice as best for partnerships and corporations.

  • Completely online federal and state taxes for partnerships, C corporations, and S corporations

  • Unlimited free support from tax specialists and technical support by phone and email

  • Choose between online and downloadable versions

  • Discounts available for bundling personal and business taxes

  • Limited options for audit support

  • State forms may not be available to file electronically

TaxAct is a large provider of online and downloadable tax software that has completed over 80 million tax returns since 2000.

Business owners who file online will pay $124.95 plus $49.95 per state. That includes sole proprietors who file with a Schedule C, partnerships that require Form 1065, corporations that file with Form 1120 or Form 1120s. However, tax-exempt organizations that file Form 990 must by the downloadable version though..

The download version , which includes 5 federal e-files is $109.95. States cost $50 each. You can bundle personal and business for a total of $200.

Best Tax Software For 2022

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

Taxes are confusing enough without the added stress of figuring out which tax software is the best tax software. So we did the research to help you choose the ideal option to file taxes online. We focused on well-known and widely used tax-preparation software, and while the tax code is the tax code, theres a crucial difference between paying for what you’ll use and paying for stuff you dont need.

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Professional Tax Preparation Software

Whether a sole practitioner, multi-office, global or corporate firm, you’ll find a professional software solution that helps to standardize, automate and streamline tax processes and workflows. Everything that you need to grow, manage and protect your business.

Find the solution for you

Move your firm forward in the cloud

At the center of a future-ready tax and accounting firm is the right technology technology that fuels firm growth through digital tax and audit workflows built on a single unified platform. See how firms use best-in-class cloud solutions like CCH Axcess to harness the power of the cloud.

When Are Taxes Due

ProSeries Professional Tax Full Detailed Demonstration

While taxes are traditionally due on April 15, because of a holiday in Washington, D.C. you have until April 18, 2022 to file your taxes. Taxpayers in Maine and Massachusetts have until April 19, 2022 to file their taxes due to the Patriots’ Day holiday in those states.

The IRS has not announced an automatic extension for 2022 as it did in 2020 and 2021. If you’re requesting an extension you have until Monday, Oct. 17, 2022, to file.

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