Texas Property Tax Increase 2021


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Tradeoff For Lower Sales Tax & No State Income Tax

Study: Austin among major metros that saw property tax rates go down in 2021

Texans have some of the highest property taxes in the U.S., but we have one of the lowest sales tax rates and no state income tax. For many, the increased property tax rates are a straightforward tradeoff for these benefits. Because we pay less in taxes elsewhere, the state and local governments and taxing units have to get funding somewhere. In many cases, that funding has come from property taxes.

A Local Governments Budget Determines Tax Rate*

*Information, in part, taken from the 2012 Property Tax Basics published by the Property Tax Assistance Division of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. For more information regarding property taxation and how tax rates are established, see the section of the Property Tax Basics publication that discusses the board by .

What Happens If I File A Rendition Late Or Not At All

Failure to file a rendition necessitates that an appraiser estimate the value of your property using comparable business types. Their appraised value may differ significantly than your own. In addition, you will face a penalty of 10% of the amount of taxes ultimately imposed on the property. Further, if a court finds you engaged in fraud or other tax-evading intentions, you will face a 50% penalty.

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Funding Local Services & Districts

In the state of Texas, local governments set their property taxes, which means there is significant fluctuation in taxing between cities, counties, and taxing districts. In fact, two homeowners living in the same city and county but different school districts may have vastly differing home tax bills. The new cap on increases in tax percentages will help, but all of the fluctuation can make it nearly impossible to budget for your annual tax bill.

Reasons For The Increase

Texas Income Tax Brackets 2021

The large demand for homes in Texas combined with low inventory was a major factor in the dramatic increase in the market value of residential property, causing appraised values to rise. When homes begin selling well above asking price, the market values increase accordingly. While the housing market is showing signs of slowing down, people will still feel the pinch when their property taxes are due this fall and Montgomery County residents are not alone. As the Conroe Courier reported, some areas of the state have seen values increase 50%. Nearby, Grimes County is up 33%, Harris County 21% and Ft. Bend County 31%.Many homeowners filed appeals with the Montgomery County Appraisal District before the deadline last May. Despite no guarantee of getting appraised values reduced, there has been a sharp increase in the number of homeowners and business owners filing tax protests with data showing the number of protests filed increased about 55% in Montgomery County and 114% in Harris County from 2015-21 as cited by Community Impact.

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Property Tax Changes From The Texas 87th Legislative Session

The following are some of the property tax law changes from the Texas 87th Legislative Session.

  • Senate Bill 1 increases the existing mandatory homestead exemption on school district property taxes from $25,000 to $40,000.
  • Senate Bill 1449 increases the taxable value below which tangible personal property used for the production of income is exempt from $500 to $2,500.
  • House Bill 1197 extends the current property tax exemption for a tract of contiguous land owned for religious worship expansion purposes from 6 to 10 years.
  • Senate Bill 8 allows an individual who acquires property after January 1 of a tax year to receive a residence homestead property tax exemption on the property for the applicable portion of the tax year in which the individual qualified.
  • House Bill 2535 directs the property value appraiser to exclude chicken coops and rabbit pens meant for personal consumption from the value of a property.
  • Senate Bills 1088 and 1421 clarify that lessees of real property that are contractually obligated to reimburse the property owner for taxes are entitled to receive the notice of appraised value.

Reviewing the changes cited above probably makes it appear that the legislative session wont make a huge impact on commercial property taxes in Texas heading into 2022, but several bills that were filed for an extension this past session expired, including the programs associated with them.

More Power For Taxpayers

Local governments in Texas rely heavily on property tax revenue to pay for salaries of police officers and firefighters, as well as for government services including roads, libraries and public schools.

Unlike most other states, Texas does not have a state income tax, and property tax bills are among the highest in the nation.

Each year, appraisal districts assess home values and then notify homeowners of how much their houses are worth. Later, local governments decide how much money they will need to provide public services. They then set a property tax rate that will allow them to collect the amount of revenue needed. Some governments have access to additional sources of revenue for example, school districts receive state and federal funds, and some counties receive sales taxes.

According to the comptrollers office, property tax collections have risen more than 20% since 2017.

Historically, where theres been a big increase in the total assessed value, some taxing jurisdictions have just left their property tax rates the same as the year before, said Charles Gilliland, an economist at the Texas Real Estate Research Center. That results in huge increases in Texas homeowners property taxes.

A pair of bills in 2019 tried to address this. House Bill 3, a school finance bill, included about $5.1 billion devoted to lowering Texans property tax bills.

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Is Abbott To Blame

The Texas Taxpayers and Research Association is a lobbying organization that primarily spends its money on research. Its policy advocacy has a fiscal conservative bent, the association’s President Dale Craymer said, but the organization doesn’t advocate for the policies of one party over the other.

Craymer said O’Rourke spoke correctly of the group’s report based on the data it analyzed from the comptroller’s office.

The implication of O’Rourke’s ad, however, is that Abbott is responsible for rising property taxes.

Craymer said the role of state government is indirect at best when it comes to property taxes because rates are set locally and not by the governor or Legislature.

“Basically, the process by which rates are set and adopted is laid out in state law,” Craymer said. “The Legislature and the governor obviously are responsible for drafting and putting those laws in effect. But the state really doesn’t have a direct say in the amount of property taxes individual jurisdictions raise.”

The association’s report found taxes would have been somewhat higher without two property tax changes by the Legislature in 2019.

One created a process where school district property taxes would decrease over time for senior citizens, whose school district taxes are capped.

The second change, Craymer said, increased the school district property tax homestead exemption for homeowners from $25,000 to $40,000, saving homeowners about $180 per year.

Submission Of Required Information

North Texas residents ready to fight property tax increases

Tax Code Section 5.09 requires PTAD to collect information to report the total appraised values, taxable values and tax rates of each county, municipality, school district and special district. The following forms and backup documentation must also be submitted by .

For school districts :

Note: If a form does not apply, indicate N/A on the form or provide a statement identifying the form and why it is no longer applicable for the school district. Do not fax or send blank forms.

For counties, cities and special districts :

  • Listing by account identifying the zone within the school district that includes account number, property category, market and taxable value for the year the zone was created and current market and taxable value for the property in each account to support the payments to TIF
  • Listing by account of last years actual levy lost that does not include penalties and interest to support loss to tax deferrals and
  • Listing by account that includes the market and taxable value, the state and local exemptions and actual levy if the account is frozen.

The forms may be emailed to .

Failure to provide completed and signed forms and/or required information by the deadline may impact a school districts state funding and the appraisal districts MAP review.

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Property Tax Penalties Are Increasing Heres How Property Tax Lenders Can Help

Failing to pay your property taxes on time means facing stiff property tax penalties because the local government is so reliant on this revenue source. Currently, these penalties can amount to around 43% of your current tax bill, making it even more challenging for people who are unable to pay on time.

This is a difficult situation to find yourself in, and the last thing you want is to be paying even more on your bill – fortunately, there is a solution to your property tax burden. Property tax lenders can offer you expert advice and services to deliver fast, effective tax relief. At American Finance & Investment Company, Inc, our compassionate and qualified team will settle your property bill quickly. We can help with an affordable property tax loan and a customized repayment plan to help you get back on your feet.

To contact qualified property tax lenders for a property tax loan in Texas, please visit our website today at

Farm And Ranch Survey

The is available online and sent by regular mail to agricultural appraisal advisory board members requesting 2021 data.

The data compiled from the survey responses is an essential part of the SDPVS, authorized under Government Code, Section 403.302. Information you provide increases the accuracy of the SDPVS findings that we certify to the Texas Education Agency, which results in more equitable funding of public school districts.

As resources, we also provide an instructional guide and an informational video about the survey on our .

As a reminder, submit survey responses by Friday, Nov. 4, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact or .

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Whether Property Taxes Increase Depends On New Tax Rates

Homeowners began to get their appraisal notices in the mail last week, and many had sticker shock. According to the Travis Central Appraisal District, the 2022 median market value for a residential property in Travis County rose 53 percent to $632,208a phenomenal $218,805 increase over 2021.

That comes on top of another $59,000 gain in 2020, for a two-year change of 78 percent.

Whether or not these drastically increased property values translate into a higher tax bill will depend on the tax rates that local governments set when they go through their budget process later this year.

The tax bills themselves will start coming in October 2022, with payment due by January 31, 2023.

Who sets the tax rates

The Travis County Tax Office collects and remits tax on behalf of all of the taxing entities in the county. However, Travis County, cities, school districts, utility districts, Central Health and emergency services districts each set their own annual tax rate and exemptions .

Typically the governing body of each taxing entity sets its rate after a public hearing in August or September. Each taxing entity is legally required to calculate and post the rate that it would need to set to keep revenue flat. If it adopts a nominal rate that is higher than this, it is considered to have raised the effective rate .

Last years tax hikes

Trustees approved the rate unanimously, 7-0, with Kristin Ashy and Yasmin Wagner absent, according to minutes of their meeting September 23, 2021.

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How To Calculate Tax Return In Texas

All Texas Central Appraisal Districts are required to accept the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts rendition form 50-144. However, they may require their own forms for assets such as leased equipment, aircraft, pipestock, etc. If returns are not filed by 4/1, or are filed late, the assessor will use an average assessed value based on comparable businesses, and may also add a 10% penalty on top of that assessment. Some larger counties allow filing electronically now in lieu of a form.

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Texas Business Property Tax

For the most part, Texas has uniform rules with regard to key deadlines and reporting procedures. But there may be some variances across Texas Central Appraisal Districts , so we recommend double-checking the policies that pertain to your specific district.

In general, however, these are the key dates that Texas business personal property holders need to know:

Key Dates


1/1 Lien date for all property

Businesses must report all assets on the books as of this date, in the current year. *A business may apply for a September 1 appraisal for inventory.

4/1 Return deadline

Rendition due date, by mail or electronically.

5/1 Return extended deadline

Returns that have been granted an extension are due by this date.

What Does Each Of These Tax Rate Terms Mean

Here are some key terms youâll find on the site:

  • No-new-revenue tax rate : The NNR tax rate is the rate the taxing unit needs to generate about the same amount of revenue they received in the previous year if the rate was applied to the same amount of properties in both years. If property values rise, the NNR tax rate will go down and vice versa.

  • Voter-approval tax rate: Taxing units need to get voter approval before they exceed the tax rate. The maximum rate varies based on the type of jurisdiction:

  • Cities and counties can increase the tax rate three and half percent for operating expenses.

  • can increase their tax rates up to eight percent for operating expenses.

  • School district funding calculations and the debt tax rate influence the voter-approval tax rate for school districts.

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How Do You Protest Your Protest Property Tax Appraisals In Texas

You will find many how-to videos online about protesting your property’s assessment. Along with these videos, you will also find many companies that will do it for you. Some of these companies require a small upfront fee to get the paperwork started others will do the paperwork for free with no upfront cost at all. At the end, they get most of their money by taking a cut of the money you saved if they are successful in getting your assessment lowered, which in turn will reduce your tax bill due in January 2022. If they fail at lowering your property tax bill, you don’t have to pay them just read the fine print.

Property Taxes In Texas What Our Clients Need To Know

Proposed sales tax swap dead in the Texas legislature | KVUE

Understanding the property tax system in Texas has been a pain point for homeowners for decades due, in no small part, to the lack of available information and challenges with transparency. A survey conducted by Texas Realtors in 2020 revealed that reducing property taxes was one of the top three issues worrying Texans, along with the economy and healthcare . Furthermore, before 2019, there was no requirement for property tax information in Texas to be clear at all.

As the voice of Texas real estate, Texas Realtors advocated for this to change.

In 2019, Realtors across the state worked tirelessly with our state leaders and led the charge to pass Senate Bill 2, also known as the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019. This was a huge win for private property owners, but then the work to tell Texas homeowners about the changes began. That is why we created the You Deserve to Know: Property Tax 101 campaign dedicated to educating Texans about critical property tax changes.

TheTexas real estate market has had a decade of record home sales, increasing home prices and incredible demand. And it is now more important than ever for Texas Realtors to inform our clients on how to make their voices heard.

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What Information Will I Find On The Truth In Taxation Website

The website provides information from your local appraisal district and local taxing units to determine a property tax estimate for properties in your county. Taxpayers can see how the changes between the no-new-revenue rate and proposed tax rates would affect the amount of taxesâ¯they would have to pay. The current yearâs information will be available online beginning in early August 2021 and updated regularly as each taxing unit updates their information.

Taxing units must hold a public hearing on the proposed budget and tax rate and publicize the date, time, and location. The website includes details on the public hearings for your county and their proposed budget and tax rate. Additionally, the website gives you an opportunity to provide feedback to your taxing unit.

What Is Truth In Taxation

Truth in Taxation is a concept embodied in the Texas Constitution that requires local taxing units to make taxpayers aware of tax rate proposals and to afford taxpayers the opportunity to limit or approve tax increases. The type of taxing unit determines its applicableâ¯Truth in Taxation requirements.

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Early Successes In Asking Voters For More Money

Some counties and school districts have successfully gone beyond the revenue growth limit with an election. Last year, Lubbock County voters approved a property tax hike to fund salary increases for sheriffs deputies.

This year, Lubbock County approved the maximum tax rate it could set without triggering an election.

If you keep jumping everybodys taxes by 8% every year, thats a problem, said Lubbock County Commissioner Jason Corley. Corley voted against this years proposed tax rate, saying he wanted to keep tax rates even lower.

Still, counties have had to get creative when it comes to figuring out how to provide the same level of service to their constituents amid price increases and labor shortages, he said.

People are saying, I cant hire a plumber, Corley said. Well, I cant hire a lawyer in the DAs office either.

Lubbock has found cost savings in employee benefits by relying on private contractors. The West Texas county also saved on utility costs by having certain court hearings virtually instead of in air-conditioned courthouses.

Several school districts, including Fort Bend Independent School District and Katy ISD, have decided to hold property tax rate elections in November to bring in more revenue.

Other school districts have adopted budgets that include millions of dollars in deficits. Lufkin ISDs board of trustees last month adopted a $4.3 million deficit for its new budget.

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