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Best Customer Service: Homework Solutions

How Paying the Nanny Tax was Meaningful to My Nanny |

HomeWork Solutions

HomeWork Solutions delivers concierge-quality services for dedicated help when you need it.

  • Works in all 50 states

  • Unlimited telephone consultations

  • More expensive than other solutions

  • Requires a setup fee

Established in 1993, HomeWork Solutions is a well-known household payroll and nanny tax compliance service. Its comprehensive software and responsive customer service teams support parents throughout the process, making it the clear winner for our best customer service category.

HomeWork Solutions provides two robust plans for payroll services for one employee. Both programs offer services such as:

  • Calculate, pay, and file tax withholding amounts
  • Prepare payroll tax returns
  • Generates form 1040 Schedule H and W-2

If you pay your employee yourself, then the Essential Payroll plan handles everything else. However, if you want HomeWork Solutions to mail a check or use direct deposit, opt for the Complete Payroll plan. Pricing packages include:

  • Essential Payroll: $150 per quarter for tax filing, form generation, and unlimited support
  • Complete Payroll: $225 per quarter with weekly nanny payments or $200 per quarter with bi-weekly nanny payments for a dedicated payroll representative and cloud storage for payroll records

File A New Hire Report

All employers including families with household help must file a new hire report with their state. Youll need to provide basic information about your employee including name, address, Social Security number, and hire date. And your name, address, and EIN from the IRS. You may be able to complete a new hire report online with your states tax agency.

Federal law requires employers to file a new hire report within 20 days of hire although some states require it sooner. The information is maintained in the National Directory of New Hires, which child support agencies use to locate a parent who owes child support and issue an income withholding order. Its also used to help prevent workers compensation and unemployment fraud as well as reduce the cases of public assistance going to the wrong people.

Obtain Federal And State Employer Tax Ids

In order to file returns with the IRS and the state, youll need to obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number as well as state tax ID for unemployment insurance and, if applicable, state income taxes. These tax IDs identify you as a household employer and you should apply for them as soon as your nanny accepts your job offer.

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Increased Contribution Limits To Your Dependent Care Fsa

Many companies offer their employees some type of dependent care assistance program in the form of a flexible spending account . In past years, you could contribute up to $5,000 in tax-free money to a Dependent Care FSA and then get reimbursed for qualified expenses like wages paid to a nanny. This type of account lowers your taxable income so you pay less in Social Security, Medicare, and federal income taxes .

The American Rescue Plan boosts the dependent care FSA limit to $10,500 for 2021. Depending on a few factors like where you live and your total income you could save anywhere from 35 to 46 percent on the funds you place in a dependent care FSA. That means if you have at least $10,500 in childcare expenses and max out your FSA and you could save $3,300 $4,700.

Check with your employers human resources department to see if they plan to increase your contribution limit to a Dependent Care FSA.

Wondering How Much Should You Pay A Nanny

How to Pay your Nanny

According to, the average wage for a nanny in 2022 is $15.30 per hour. However, this number may be higher or lower based on where you live. In cities where the cost of living is much higher, nanny salaries may average $20 or more per hour.

Other factors should be considered when determining how much to pay a nanny. This includes the number of children that will be cared for, your nannys experience level, CPR or first aid certifications, and additional household responsibilities, such as housekeeping or running errands.

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Accurately Calculate Payroll Each Pay Period

Youll need to keep track of the hours your nanny works, apply their hourly rate and add any overtime pay to get to the gross amount. From there, youll need to withhold the correct amount of Social Security & Medicare taxes, income taxes, and any other state or local taxes that may apply. After these deductions, youll know how much your nannys net, or take-home, pay will be.

See how much a nanny costs where you live.

Youll also need to calculate how much in Social Security & Medicare taxes, unemployment insurance taxes and any other miscellaneous state taxes you have accumulated as a household employer. These household employment taxes will generally be about 10% of the gross wages paid to your nanny, but can vary depending on where you live.

How Do You Pay Nanny Taxes When Sharing Care With Another Family

Nanny taxes are paid the same way as if it was just one family with a nanny.

Based on what they pay the caregiver, each family is responsible for:

  • Paying the employer share of FICA taxes
  • Withholding the employee share of FICA taxes
  • Withholding employee federal income taxes, if you wish, based on the employees Form W-4
  • Paying state and federal unemployment taxes

Each family can remit taxes separately on a quarterly basis using Form 1040-ES. It is recommended to pay nanny taxes quarterly rather than all at once when you file your personal income tax return. If you owe too much in nanny taxes, you may face an underpayment penalty.

Also, withholding employee income tax is not required but recommended. That way your nanny does not have to pay their entire tax obligation when they file their personal income tax return.

Each family will also file Schedule H with their personal tax returns. This reconciles taxes owed with taxes paid.

Your caregiver will receive a W-2 from each family in the nanny share.

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How To Figure Out Your Nannys Wages And Taxes

Whether you pay your nanny every week or bi-weekly, youll have to calculate her gross and net wages on payday. A kind accountant friend of mine created a spreadsheet that keeps track of work hours and calculates taxes and gross and net income.

I send my nanny her paystub by email each week with an overview of the hours she worked, taxes withheld, and gross and net income.

  • Add up the hours your babysitter worked during the previous payroll period.
  • Multiply the number of hours by the hourly wage. For example, 40 hours times $15 equals $600. This number equals gross wages.
  • Calculate social security and Medicare taxes. You and your employee each pay 7.65% of gross wages .
  • Subtract your employees share from her gross wages and record the amount you owe. For example, 7.65% of $600 is $45.90.
  • If your nanny asked you to withhold federal income taxes, you can use the income tax withholding tables that start on p. 46 of Publication 15 to figure out how much to take out of your nannys paycheck. The tables are arranged by length of pay period, marital status, and number of exemptions.
  • Calculate your state unemployment taxes if applicable. In my state there are different rates for employer and employee.
  • Calculate Federal Unemployment taxes . Only the employer pays FUTA on up to $7,000 of an employees annual wages. The current rate is 6%, but you can receive a credit of up to 5.4% if you also pay state unemployment taxes.
  • Is A Nanny A Household Employee Or An Independent Contractor

    Nanny Taxes Explained For Beginners – and how to save

    The IRS has ruled definitively that nannies and most household workers are employees of the family for which they work. The difference between employees and independent contractors hinges on the amount of control one has over the worker, and a family directly hiring a nanny to work in their home absolutely has the right and responsibility to exercise control over how the nanny performs her work. If the family controls work hours, work place, responsibilities, work tools , the worker is their employee. An independent contractor usually provides her own tools, her own place of work, sets her own hours and offers services to the general public. An independent contractor also has greater tax responsibility than an employee because they have to pay both the employee and employer taxes.The IRS views household workers to be employees with very few exceptions. If youd like a formal ruling, you can obtain one from the IRS by filling out Form SS-8.

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    When Do I Pay My Nanny Taxes

    Federal nanny taxes are generally paid with your federal income tax return via Schedule H.

    State nanny taxes are generally paid quarterly, although some states have monthly or annual filing requirements.

    In addition to paying taxes, you must give your employee a W-2 by January 31 and file the W-2 and W-3 forms with the Social Security Administration by January 31.

    Withholding The Employee’s Share

    You should withhold the employee’s share of Social Security and Medicare taxes if you expect to pay your household employee Social Security and Medicare wages of $2,400 or more in 2022. However, if you prefer to pay the employee’s share yourself see “Not Withholding the Employee’s Share” in the next section.

    You may withhold the employee’s share of the taxes even if you are not sure your employee’s Social Security and Medicare wages will be $2,400 or more in 2022. If you withhold the taxes but then actually pay the employee less than $2,400 in Social Security and Medicare wages for the year, you should repay the employee.

    You pay withheld taxes as part of your regular income tax obligation. You don’t deposit them periodically subject to an exception for business owners. See “Payment Options for Business Employers” below.

    Withhold 7.65% from each payment of Social Security and Medicare wages. Wages exceeding the $200,000 threshold amount are subject to the additional Medicare tax or 0.9%. Instead of paying this amount to your employee, you will pay the IRS 7.65% for your share of the taxes. Do not withhold any social security tax after your employee’s social security wages for the year reach $147,000 in 2022.

    If you make an error by withholding too little, you should withhold additional taxes from a later payment. If you withhold too much, you should repay the employee.

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    How We Chose The Best Nanny Payroll Services

    We looked at the various plan pricing and fees to select the best nanny payroll services, as these differ significantly among providers. Then we reviewed features of self-service and full-service plans, including unique offerings like assistance with new-hire paperwork or signing up for an EIN. Lastly, we evaluated providers based on features useful to families and employees, like mobile applications, PTO tracking, and annual tax form documents.

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    What Are The Expected Tax Costs

    how to pay the nanny tax

    Employer payroll taxes normally range between 9%-11% of wages, depending on your state . When you catch-up with a previous year, it will be higher, roughly 17%, because the employer pays both employer + employee social security and Medicare and both sides of state taxes too .

    Employees will also need to pay income tax on their wages. While we only handle the payroll, we know on the other end that many household employees owe little if they qualify for tax credits like the earned income tax credit , child tax credit and others. While every situation is different, household employees often get a refund while they build up their social security and Medicare credits. If the employee has already filed their taxes this year, its easy to file an amendment so they can get the benefits that come with the new W-2.

    What about penalties? The IRS will give you a break if this is the first year you owe taxes on a household employee. Just make sure you pay the taxes by the time you file your personal taxes. However, your state might assess a late penalty for not paying on time. We have seen penalties range from $150/quarter to as little as $15/quarter, depending on your state.

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    Tax Filing Responsibilities: Quarterly And Annual

    The IRS prefers to get paid several times throughout the year rather than in one lump sum when you file your taxes. Paying taxes quarterly also reduces the burden on you, as it helps to ensure that you have set aside enough to pay your share of FICA taxes and unemployment taxes and that youve withheld enough from your nannys paychecks.

    What Are The Requirements For Vacation Holidays And Sick Days

    Federal law does not require nanny employers to offer benefits such as paid vacation time, paid sick time, medical or life insurance, or retirement savings plans. State and local jurisdictions however are increasingly requiring sick leave, and HI has a health insurance mandate for employers. While legal mandates may not apply, markets are dictating that nanny employers with full time, permanent staff need to offering some basic level of benefits to be competitive in the employment market. These benefits help families not only attract, but also retain the best staff and help your nanny avoid burnout. Typically sick leave benefits include 3-5 days, while vacation leave benefits generally include 5-10 days. Each position is unique, with different lengths of shift, or different numbers of days in a typical work week. As such it is suggested that these benefits be defined in your work agreement in hours, rather than days.

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    How To Calculate Your Nanny Taxes

    Calculating nanny taxes is an important step when hiring an in-home caregiver for your children. Our friends at GTM help you understand your total budget for childcare beyond just the wages youll pay your nanny.

    What are nanny taxes?

    When a family hires someone to work in their home like a nanny or housekeeper or joins a nanny share, they become an employer and owe employment taxes to the IRS and their state tax agency. These are called nanny taxes.

    Nanny taxes include Social Security and Medicare and federal and state unemployment.

    Most families pay about 9-12% of their nannys wages in employment taxes. There are ways to reduce and even eliminate your nanny tax responsibilities through tax savings programs and credits.

    Using a nanny tax calculator.

    The easiest way for you to estimate your nanny tax obligation is to use a nanny tax calculator. With a nanny tax calculator, you can:

    Youll also be able to convert a desired salary to hourly and overtime rates.

    Nannies and other household employees must be paid hourly and receive at least time-and-a-half for hours worked over 40 in a workweek. They cant be paid a flat salary to cover all the hours you need them to work. Overtime rates may not apply or can vary by state for live-in nannies.

    How Do You Verify That An Employee Can Legally Work In The United States

    Nanny Tax, Payroll and Insurance – Ultimate Guide to Hire a Nanny – Chapter 15

    It is unlawful for you to knowingly hire or continue to employ a person who cannot legally work in the United States.

    When you hire a household employee to work for you on a regular basis, he or she must complete USCIS Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. It is your responsibility to verify that the employee is either a U.S. citizen or an alien who can legally work and then complete the employer part of the form. Keep the completed form for your records. Do not return the form to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services .

    Two copies of Form I-9 are contained in the UCIS Employer Handbook. Visit the USCIS website or call 800-767-1833 to order the handbook, additional copies of the form, or to get more information.

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    Employee Nanny Tax Responsibilities

    At the start of their employment, inform your nanny of her payroll tax obligations. This way there are no surprises on the first payday. Household employees are liable for four key taxes:

    • Social Security
    • Federal income tax
    • State and local income taxes

    Federal and state income taxes are not required to be withheld unless agreed upon by you and the employee. However, withholding income taxes on a regular basis will benefit your employee. This way, their income tax obligations are distributed throughout the year rather than paying a lump sum at the end of the tax year. It also helps document their employment history as well as ensure both you and your employee are compliant with the law.

    Each Pay Period Tasks

  • Keep required work records. The Department of Labors Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act , has a record keeping requirement which requires you to track hours worked, earnings, deductions, among other information.
  • Calculate Net Pay. If your nanny will make over $2,400 in 2022, you must withhold Social Security and Medicare taxes from your nannys paycheck, unless your nanny is your spouse, parent, or child under the age of 21. Account for this and any other necessary withholdings.
  • Pay your nanny. Pay the Net Pay amount. Set aside the amount owed by Social Security and Medicare you will pay both the employee contribution as well as the employer contribution amounts when you file your taxes.
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