How Much Is Sales Tax In Michigan


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Tax On Rebates & Dealer Incentives

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer speaks on plan to pause sales tax on gas

You do not have to pay tax ondealer rebates in Michigan. In other words, be sure to subtract the dealer rebate amount from the car price before calculating sales tax.

As an example, if you are purchasing a new car for $30,000 with a $5,000 rebate, you will pay sales tax on the $25,000 cost of the car.

However, the same does not apply to manufacturer rebates in Michigan. You must pay tax on manufacturer rebates, or in other words, do not subtract the manufacturer rebate amount from the car price when calculating sales tax.

Sales Tax On Shipping Charges In Michigan

Michigan does apply sales tax to shipping costs. The rule of thumb is that if what youâre selling is subject to tax, then the shipping charges are also subject to tax.

If you happen to be shipping products that are both taxable and nontaxable, then shipping charges for the entire shipment are subject to tax.

Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit

If you claim an EITC on your federal tax return, you can claim one on your Michigan income tax return as well. The Michigan EITC is equal to 6% of your federal credit.

The federal EITC income cap ranges from $21,430 to $57,414 depending on how you file and how many children or relative dependents you claim. The maximum federal EITC amount you can claim on your 2021 tax return is $6,728.

For example, if youâre eligible for $3,000 federally, you can claim $180 through the Michigan EITC.

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Gas Tax Vs Sales Tax On Gas: Will Michigan Lawmakers Suspend Taxes For Relief At Pump

Gas prices topped $4 a gallon for 87 octane at a Mobil station in Northville, Michigan on March 7, 2022.

LANSING, MI Gas prices in Michigan remain well above average and while other states like Georgia and Maryland have already approved suspensions to their state gas tax its unclear whether Michigan lawmakers will agree on a plan to bring drivers relief at the pump.

After Senate Democrats effectively killed a Republican-proposed plan to cut the states 27-cent gas tax by not giving it immediate effect last week, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer promised a veto and declared her support instead for bipartisan proposals that would suspend the states 6% sales tax on gas.

Im ready to work across the aisle with the legislature to negotiate a bipartisan solution that cuts taxes and lowers costs for drivers, seniors, and working families. We can start by pausing the sales tax on fuel, Whitmer said in a statement Friday.

A spokesperson for House Speaker Jason Wentworth, R-Farwell, said suspending the sales tax wouldnt save as much as a flat 27-cent per gallon cut if gas prices eventually dip. There are also concerns about the impact a potential sales tax suspension would have on the School Aid Fund.

Currently, Michigans tax rate on all types of fuel is 27.2 cents per gallon, which has come under scrutiny as gas prices have soared in recent months and in response to the war in Ukraine.

But even that might not happen anytime soon.

Due Dates For Michigans Taxes

4 things to know about gas prices in Michigan

Michigan taxes are due based on whether the business files monthly, quarterly or annually as follows:

  • Monthly: Taxes collected in any month are due on or before the 20th day of the following month. For example, taxes collected during January are due on or before February 20.
  • Quarterly: Taxes collected in any quarter are due on or before the 20th day of the month following the end of the quarter. The first quarter runs from January through March. Taxes collected during those months are due on or before April 20. The second quarter runs from April through June. Taxes collected during those months are due on or before July 20. The third quarter runs from July through September. Taxes collected during those months are due on or before October 20. The fourth quarter runs from October through December. Taxes collected during those months are due on or before January 20.

If a business taxpayer averages over $720,000 in sales and use must remit both taxes on an accelerated schedule. The Michigan Department of Treasury notifies taxpayers if they fall into this category. The taxpayer pays 75 percent of the tax liability from the current year or the amount collected for the same period the prior year, whichever is less.

The balance, called a reconciliation payment, is the difference between the actual tax amount and the prepayment amount and is due on or before the 20th day of the next month.

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Where Do I Get A Michigan Id

State ID cards are processed at any Secretary of State office. Residents applying for a state ID card must present documentation of a valid Social Security number, U.S. citizenship or legal presence, identification and Michigan residency.

How much does a tax ID cost in Michigan?

In order to acquire a Michigan tax ID number through a third-party company, you would need to pay any required fee, which is typically between $20 and $30.

Ann Arbor Michigan Sales Tax Rate

ann arbor Tax jurisdiction breakdown for 2022

What does this sales tax rate breakdown mean?

Sales tax rates are determined by exact street address. The jurisdiction-specific rates shown add up to your minimum combined sales tax rate. The total rate for your specific address could be more.

Need the exact sales tax rate for your address?

What is the sales tax rate in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

The minimum combined 2022 sales tax rate for Ann Arbor, Michigan is . This is the total of state, county and city sales tax rates. The Michigan sales tax rate is currently %. The County sales tax rate is %. The Ann Arbor sales tax rate is %.

Did South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc affect Michigan?

The 2018 United States Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. has impacted many state nexus laws and sales tax collection requirements. To review the rules in Michigan, visit our state-by-state guide.

Did COVID-19 impact sales tax filing due dates in Ann Arbor?

The outbreak of COVID-19 may have impacted sales tax filing due dates in Ann Arbor. Please consult your local tax authority for specific details. For more information, visit our ongoing coverage of the virus and its impact on sales tax compliance.

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Determining Sales Tax Nexus In Michigan

For those that operate their small business solely in Michigan, determining whether you should collect sales tax is relatively simple. If the goods you sell are subject to sales tax, you will need to collect them from your customers. However, for those who do not operate solely in Michigan, you will first need to determine if you have state sales tax nexus.

The State of Michigan considers you to have sales tax nexus in the state if you meet any of the following:

  • Physical location or office in the state for more than one day
  • Have ownership or beneficial interest in a flow-through entity that also has nexus in the state.
  • Have goods stored in a warehouse in the state

Michigans sales tax nexus laws were updated on October 1, 2015 and were expanded to clarify what constitutes nexus, with some relation to online sales. The new rules make it so essentially anyone who has a physical presence or makes sales in Michigan physically will be required to collect sales tax. In addition, those attempting to establish and maintain a market in this state for the sellers sales of tangible personal property to purchases in this state will be subject to sales tax collection.

This affects large companies online like Amazon, eBay, Overstock, and others that do significant business in the state. For retailers who use FBA via Amazon, this may affect you.

When To File Taxes In Michigan

What does the online sales tax ruling mean for Michigan?

When you register for sales tax, Michigan will assign you a certain filing frequency. Youâll be asked to file and pay sales tax either monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Usually the frequency they choose is based on the amount of sales tax you collect from buyers in Michigan. High-revenue businesses file more frequently than lower volume businesses, for example.

Michigan sales tax returns are due on the 20th day of the month following the reporting period. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, then your sales tax filing is generally due the next business day.

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About Michigan Marijuana Tax

Medical marijuana is not exempt from sales tax as it is not a drug that is dispensed pursuant to a prescription nor is it a food or food ingredient.

The excise tax applies to the sales price for recreational marijuana sold or otherwise transferred by a marijuana retailer or marijuana microbusiness to anyone other than a marijuana grower, processor, secure transporter, or any other type of marijuana related business licensed by the marijuana regulatory agency.

Who Needs A Sales Tax License

  • Who Needs A Sales Tax License?
  • Who is required to have a sales tax license? – Individuals or businesses that sell tangible personal property to the final consumer need a sales tax license. An application for a sales tax license may be obtained on our web site. In order to register for sales tax, please follow the application process.

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    Michigan Sales Tax Registration

    If you are deemed to have sales tax nexus in Michigan, you must register to collect sales tax in the state to ensure sales tax compliance. The registration process for a sales tax license is easier thanks to Michigans One Stop Website for businesses. To get started, you will need all your personal and business identification materials, a list of locations of your offices, and a specific rundown of the major business activity you perform in the state.

    There is no fee to register for sales and use tax collection in Michigan. The process is completed, and your certificate is provided 7-10 days after registering

    Penalties And Interest For Late Payments

    Michigans May Tax Proposal  Mackinac Center

    If you fail to pay your sales tax due on time, you will be subject to a penalty. This penalty will be 5% of the unpaid tax over the first two months. After those two months, the number increases monthly with a maximum penalty of 25% of the total tax owed. There are other more extreme charges if it is deemed that fraud is being committed or if sales tax is regularly underpaid or paid late. Michigan requires even zero returns to be paid on time each filing period.

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    About The Michigan Sales Tax

    The state of Michigan has relatively simple sales tax rate, and is one of the few states which does not have any local city or county taxes. The sales tax hasn’t been changed since 1994, with a ballot measure to raise the tax to 7% failing in 2015.There is also a use tax which is applicable to items which were brought into Michigan but were not purchased there.It is worth noting that Michigan is considered to be a Streamlined Sales Tax State, which means that any out-of-state businesses who do not have any sales tax obligation per se, would nevertheless be encouraged to collect and remit sales tax.”

    Michigan Sales Tax Calculator

    You can use our Michigan Sales Tax Calculator to look up sales tax rates in Michigan by address / zip code. The calculator will show you the total sales tax amount, as well as the county, city, and special district tax rates in the selected location.


    Michigan has a 6% statewide sales tax rate,and does not allow local governments to collect sales taxes. This means that the applicable sales tax rate is the same no matter where you are in Michigan.

    Simplify Michigan sales tax compliance! We provide sales tax rate databases for businesses who manage their own sales taxes, and can also connect you with firms that can completely automate the sales tax calculation and filing process.

    Michigan Sales Tax Rates by Zip Code:

    Need an updated list of Michigan sales tax rates for your business? Download our Michigan sales tax database!

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    SalesTaxHandbook is a free public resource site, and is not affiliated with the United States government or any Government agency

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    Homestead Property Tax Credit

    If you own property in Michigan and live in the state at least half the year, you may be eligible for the homestead property tax credit. The credit is available for taxpayers who have total household resources below $60,600.

    Total household resources include income, capital gains, and other money you have received. See page 27 of the instructions for the Michigan 1040 form for a full list of whatâs included in total household resources.

    If the taxable value of your property exceeds $136,600, youâre not eligible to receive the credit.

    Michigan Sales Tax Guide

    Efforts to suspend Michigan’s gas tax

    Michigan has a 6 percent sales and use tax rate for retail sales. Certain utilities are taxed at 4 percent. The use tax is not in addition to the sales tax but rather works in conjunction with it. Additionally, Michigan does not allow local jurisdictions to collect local sales taxes from local businesses.

    This guide does not fully describe all of Michigans laws and regulations regarding taxes. Businesses should contact a business attorney or visit the Michigan Department of Treasury website to learn more about the rules, regulations, tax laws, and tax information associated with their industries and the types of taxes due.

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    Michigan Sales Tax Rates By City

    The state sales tax rate in Michigan is 6.000%. There are no local taxes beyond the state rate.

    Select the Michigan city from the list of popular cities below to see its current sales tax rate.

    Sales tax data for Michigan was collected from here. strives to have the most accurate tax percentages available but tax rates are subject to change at any time. Always consult your local government tax offices for the latest official city, county, and state tax rates. Help us make this site better by reporting errors.

    How Income Taxes Are Calculated

  • First, we calculate your adjusted gross income by taking your total household income and reducing it by certain items such as contributions to your 401.
  • Next, from AGI we subtract exemptions and deductions to get your taxable income. Exemptions can be claimed for each taxpayer as well as dependents such as ones spouse or children.
  • Based on your filing status, your taxable income is then applied to the the tax brackets to calculate your federal income taxes owed for the year.
  • Your location will determine whether you owe local and / or state taxes.
  • Last Updated: January 1, 2021

    When Do We Update? – We regularly check for any updates to the latest tax rates and regulations.

    Customer Service – If you would like to leave any feedback, feel free to email

    …read more

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    Michigan Marijuana Tax Handbook

    Michigan patients are required to pay a 6.00% sales tax on every purchase of medical marijuana.There is no additional excise tax on medical marijuana in Michigan.

    Michigan consumers are required to pay a 6.00% sales tax on every purchase of marijuana for personal use.There is also an additional excise tax of 10% on every purchase of marijuana for personal use.

    Michigan Sales Tax License Application Fee Turnaround Time And Renewal Info

    Michigan does not need a service tax  Mackinac Center

    You will need to pay an application fee when you apply for a Michigan Sales Tax License,and you will receive your permit 8-10 days after filing your application.

    Application Fee: FREE

    Permit Renewals: Yearly on September 30th

    Note about permit renewals:

    Michigan Sales Tax License expire on September 30 of each year, regardless of when your license was issued, and will be renewed automatically. You will be able to get a copy of your new license under the Correspondence tab of your account on the Michigan Treasury Online website.

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    Who Needs A Michigan Sales Tax License

    Michigan requires you to have a sales tax license if you “sell or lease tangible personal property in Michigan to the final consumer”.

    Businesses with a taxable presence within Michigan are considered to have sales tax nexus within the state. For more details on what constitutes a taxable presence, see sales tax nexus in Michigan.

    Factors Contributing To Detroits Population Loss

    A recent blog documented Detroits population loss. The 2020 U.S. decennial census found Detroit had lost 10.5 percent of its residents in the last decade. The city continues to be plagued with fiscal problems associated with population decline that include tax base loss and a loss in revenue critical for the provision of city services.

    That blog also documented the decrease in the number of city households over the past decades. Although some areas of the city are currently enjoying hot real estate markets, as a whole, the city is not experiencing the same resurgence. Between 2017 and 2021, Detroit saw an average annual decline of 7.9 percent in the number of home sales .

    Detroit Home Sales, 2017-2021

    The declining home sales trends and the raw reduces the taxable value of property across the city and subsequent tax yields.

    The persistent population decline in Detroit continues to create fiscal challenges for the city. Factors such as deindustrialization, racism, high tax rates, city mismanagement, poor service delivery, the highway system, and crime contributed to this detrimental loss in population.

    The persistent loss of population is a major challenge facing Detroits economic recovery. This blog focuses on one of the factors cited above the city can control in reversing the trend of population decline high tax rates.

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